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Whistler 2003 - Centenary Journal

During 2003 Ian Meacock created an online journal, highlighting significant dates in the calendar year connected with Whistler's life and describing events that took place during the centenary year.

Click on the dates below to view journal entries.

13th January 2003A Degree of Distinction
17th January 2003Whistler's Mother's Hair-dresser
20th January 2003'Nobody's perfevt'
21st January 2003Beginning of Seminar Series
28th January 2003The Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle
2nd February 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 2)
3rd February 2003Whistler in Parliament
6th February 2003Whistler's Ward
7th February 2003Podsnaps and Pecksniffs
14th February 2003A Whistler Valentine
15th February 2003America at War
18th February 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 3)
20th February 2003The Ten O'Clock Lecture
27th February 2003Death of William McNeill Whistler
28th February 2003Whistler and Henry James
5th March 2003Fan Mail
7th March 2003Gold Medallist
14th March 2003The Mikado Opens
19th March 2003A Private View
20th March 2003The Godfather
24th March 2003A 'Dabbler in Decoration'
26th March 2003Lavery and the Internationals
1st April 2003A Dreary National Joke
3rd April 2003Whistler on Corsica
9th April 2003Death of Dante
15th April 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 4)
22nd April 2003Whistler, Women, and Fashion
23rd April 2003Lobster Cake
30th April 2003Edouard Manet
1st May 2003The Clan McNeill
7th May 2003J. A. Froude
12th May 2003A Private View (2)
16th May 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 5)
21st May 2003Paris Burning
22nd May 2003A Wee Dram!
27th May 2003Death of William Leiper
28th May 2003A Poor Correspondent
31st May 2003Louisiana Sinks
3rd June 2003An Artist's Hand
6th June 2003Upside-Down Picture
11th June 2003Death of the 'Owl'
15th June 2003Plat du Jour
16th June 2003Whistler On-Line
19th June 2003Whister in the Press
28th June 2003Fan Mail
30th June 2003Whistler, Debussy and Nocturnes
1st July 2003Plat du Jour
2nd July 2003Book of the Month
4th July 2003An American Icon
10th July 2003Proust is born
11th July 2003Happy Birthday Jimmie!
12th July 2003A Week With Whistler
16th July 2003Whistler at the Hub
17th July 2003Death of Whistler
18th July 2003A Turbulent Summer
24th July 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 6)
5th August 2003The Whistler Memorial Statue Appeal
7th August 2003Communication Explosion
8th August 2003Lost in the Provinces
12th August 2003'The Glorious Twelfth'
18th August 2003Missed Court Appearance
19th August 2003The Daguerreotype
24th August 2003Whistler Caricatures
26th August 2003The Glasgow Art Scene
27th August 2003Opera House Fire
1st September 2003A Family Of Collectors
8th September 2003Death of Mallarmé
9th September 2003International Whistler Conference
10th September 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 7)
11th September 2003Plat du Jour (3)
23rd September 2003The Woman in White
27th September 2003199 Years Old Today!
2nd October 2003Dry Points
3rd October 2003Death of Sidney Starr
4th October 2003Last Day of Exhibition
5th October 2003Death of William Heinemann
9th October 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 8)
10th October 2003Green and Silver
16th October 2003Art and Dentistry
21st October 2003Proclamation of the King
24th October 2003The Centenary Conference Reception
27th October 2003Charles James Whistler Hanson
29th October 2003Stile Wars
5th November 2003Fireworks
12th November 2003'Nobody's perfevt' (no. 9)
17th November 2003Auguste Rodin
18th November 2003Cats and Dogs
23rd November 2003Death of a Boatman
28th November 2003Whistler, Ruskin, Titian and Moore
30th November 2003"A liar and a coward"
1st December 2003Mr Whistler's Etchings of Venice
10th December 2003Whistler's Wine
11th December 2003Whistler in Washington
12th December 2003Dancing Mechanics
13th December 2003The Burlington Fine Arts Club
17th December 2003Turkish Baths
23rd December 2003'The International'
24th December 2003George William Whistler
25th December 2003Merry Christmas
31st December 2003Happy New Year