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System Number: 09700
Date: [20 October / 10 November 1892][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Edward Guthrie Kennedy[2]
Place: [New York]
Repository: New York Public Library
Call Number: E. G. Kennedy I/33
Credit Line: Edward Guthrie Kennedy Papers / Manuscripts and Archives Division / The New York Public Library / Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations
Document Type: ALS

110. Rue du Bac - Paris -

Dear Mr Kennedy -

You are entirely right in many things and quite wrong in one or two - I thoroughly agree with you in that I made a most inexcusable mistake in sending the pictures through the Durand Ruels[3] - and am shocked to know that I could have been so thoughtless - It is useless now to remember how it came about - I regret it exceedingly - and in future it will be all right -

On the other hand I am sorry to suppose that [p. 2] you are offended at my having neglected to give you the refusal of the "Sea[4] & Sand" -

First and foremost you are in error - I have not sold it at all - I want to sell it and I want 600 guineas for it - I never thought of asking you any such sum - for you had already done so nobly in Whistlers, that a proposition of the kind would have seemed to me an indiscretion - It seemed to me that it might have appeared like an undue pressure upon you - Wherefore I simply sent the picture to the Durand Ruel galleries for sale - and there it is still - Paris at this moment is as empty as it has been for weeks or months past - and I am only waiting - Who told you that I had sold the work?

If you would really like to have it - or if you know of a purchaser of course my dear Mr Kennedy I should be only delighted and, in a word would, always be glad to do all things of this kind through you - Be assured meanwhile that I only abstained from suggesting this picture to you through a sort of feeling that perhaps you had enough on your hands for the time of the same "Master"! ! -

Now I have sold the "Falling Rocket[5]" - (of this I shall tell you directly) But this was quite through an outside source - not through any dealer at all - That picture if you remember I had more than once proposed to you - and once Wünderlich[6] had it - Do tell me in your answer what made you suppose that the "Sea & Sand" had been purchased by any one? - The Fur J "Furred Jacket[7]" was sold some while ago [p. 3] to Reid[8] of Glasgow - who as you know bought also the "Princesse[9]," (Leyland's sale) and also the "Dame au brodequin jaune[10]" (see Catalogue) - It is for sale of course - but he wants £1000, or guineas - I should be delighted that you should place it in America - and if you have a purchaser do write to Reid about it - His address is: Alexander Reid, Société des Beaux Arts, West George Street Glasgow - In any case he has promised to send these three full lengths to the Chicago Exhibition[11] - And this brings me to another important matter - I have received a charming letter from Mr Ives[12], Chief of the Committee of Fine Arts. Chicago. He wishes me very much to send to the Exhibition - and says that everything shall be done to please me - therefore I shall write and say that you[13] are good enough to manage all these matters for me - and that you will communicate with him upon the subject - Mr Mansfield[14] whom I have again seen the other day, before his leaving for America, will help you with the etchings - and will lend his pastels - as will also of course Mr Freer[15], Mr Hecker[16] - and Mrs Jack Gardner[17] must lend her pastel - "Violet and Blue" - You must get Mrs Potter Palmer's[18] pastel too - and altogether I think now that we ought to make a fine show of it - You will of course see to the nice hanging - and the [p. 4] Committee might perhaps borrow the Carlyle[19] - You might or they might write to W. C. Alexander[20]. Esq. Aubrey House, Aubrey Road Campden Hill Kensington London - and ask him to lend the Miss Alexander - and his "Nocturne" - I daresay he would - Sir John Day[21]. Q. C. ought to be asked to lend his Valparaiso Nocturne - (this might be done through the Goupils of Bond Street) and Graham Robertson[22] Esqr Rutland Gate. London should be asked to lend the Miss Corder, and his "Valparaiso" evening - Of others we will think in due course - It rather looks well ready! -

I shall send you one or two pastels immediately - They must be seen in their frames - and the prices you know are high - They have been sold at those rates and cannot go down - Mrs Potter Palmer bought one on her way through Paris the other day this season [p. 5] and paid at Petits[23] £120 - [However?] I had arranged with them for my price net - £105 - However I will leave this to your own judgement & best management -

I have still the "Fire Wheel[24]". Nocturne Blue & Gold - (see Catalogue) - Shall I send it over to you? - I want 800. gs for it - You ought to get £1000 - You remember how beautifully it looked in the Bond Street Exhibition[25] -

The etchings[26] are giving me a lot of trouble! - ! and I really don't know how they will turn out. They have not yet been proved - Every thing has dragged with the building business[27] -

Of all this more shortly -

Now quite between ourselves, for the present, it is Mr Untermeyer[28] who has bought the "Falling Rocket". You might tell me who he [p. 6] is - for the letters have all come through an old London friend[29] of mine at present in New York.

I have shipped the picture to Mr Untermeyer direct - as he wished, through the packers who pack for the Rothschilds so that ought to be perfect - and their charges, by the way, make me feel that Richards[30] price for his case was scandalous. and I shall write and tell him so -

I hope the pictures - yours I mean - are all looking their best - we thought them delightful - They were very little seen in my studio - only to one or two painters - and mind you The Little Battersea reach[31] was much extolled by the Frenchmen -

Well my dear Mr Kennedy this must go now - so goodbye - for the time! -

Write and tell me any news you may have time for -

With kindest regards from us both
Always sincerely Yrs

J. McN. Whistler.

[written in another hand:] 'x the old friend was Sidney Starr'

Write to 110 Rue du Bac - Paris

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1.  [20 October / 10 November 1892]
This letter, written in purple ink, appears to date from shortly before or after E. G. Kennedy's letters to JW of 26 and 29 October 1892, #07203 and #07204.

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Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932), dealer with H. Wunderlich and Co., New York [more].

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Harmony in Blue and Silver: Trouville (YMSM 64).

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Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more].

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Arrangement in Black: La Dame au brodequin jaune - Portrait of Lady Archibald Campbell (YMSM 242).

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World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893.

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Double underlined.

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Possibly recent French etchings, such as Rue de la Rochefoucault (K.419).

27.  building business
Alterations to the new house at 110 Rue du Bac.

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Samuel Untermyer (1858-1940), lawyer, capitalist and philanthropist [more].

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