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System Number: 06613
Date: [14 March 1892][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Beatrix Whistler[2]
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W607
Document Type: ALS

'15th Mars 1892[3].'

My own dear Luck -

This is a line of fond [loving[4]?] for you - in the midst of rush - rush rush!

Whibley[5] has been with me all the morning at the British Museum! looking up all the British crimes against the Grinder! -

and now we are nearly ready - the pictures are still beautiful - Nocturnes amazing!

You really dont know them - and Potters blue wave[6]! - you never saw such a sea - absolutely sculptured out of the most brilliant blue and green & [p. 2] violet! so deep - so profound - so gay and so terrible! - and the falling Rocket[7]! I never saw it like it now is - it ought not to have been called Black & Gold - but Blue - of the most lovely - The sky is a marvel -

The Lange Lizen[8] - is certainly young - but wonderful - wonderful - Such pots & plates & fans! - Such purples & Reds & blues!! -

The Music Room[9] - younger - quite primitive - but such sunshine[10]! none of the Dutchmen to compare with it - and such colour! -

The Valparaiso Nocturne[11]! simply glowing -

Well well - we will all rush back to look - and you must tell the Count[12] that he must[13] come[.] He has no idea of all this -

I am here at 21 - Very clean and nice Mrs Melhuish[14] has kept it - Yesterday little Miss Maud[15] spent all day with me and was most kind and nice helping me - You must tell her how grateful I am - -

Enclosed funny! of course have refused - also Joshuas[16]!

Am off again - no letters but bills! - Do more Obi Chinkie

and bless us all!

Your own loving

Jim the Grinder -

Tell me more about the picture[17]

Is it really beautiful - What do you regret - is it only quietly to finish each [p. 3] little portion - thats easy -

Is the great stature all right?

nothing absurd? or weak or worried or exagerated in pose or badly drawn - In short is it a masterpiece only requiring the little completenesses of foot or finger?

Tell us all -

[butterfly signature]

How about every thing?

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Madame McNeill Whistler
33 Rue de Tournon
[stamp:] POSTAGE & REVENUE / 2½d
[postmark:] LONDON / [A 5?] / MR14 / 92
[postmark:] [...] PARIS [1...] / 15 / MARS / 92
[postmark on verso:] 8 PARIS 8 DISTRIBUTION / [1?] 15 / MARS / 92


1.  [14 March 1892]
Dated from postmark.

2.  Beatrix Whistler
Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].

3.  15th Mars 1892
Written in top left corner at a later date by Rosalind Birnie Philip (1873-1958), JW's sister-in-law [more].

4.  loving
The word is not clearly written and conceivably might have been meant to read 'longing' (with the 'g' having been accidentally omitted).

5.  Whibley
Charles Whibley (1859-1930), writer and journalist [more]. They may have been checking references for Whistler, James McNeill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, 2nd ed., London and New York, 1892.

6.  Potters blue wave
John Charles Potter (1854-1920), wallpaper manufacturer and collector [more], owned Blue and Silver: Blue Wave, Biarritz (YMSM 41). These paintings were all exhibited in Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet Pieces, Boussod, Valadon & Cie, Goupil Gallery, London, 1892.

7.  falling Rocket
Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket (YMSM 170).

8.  Lange Lizen
Purple and Rose: The Lange Leizen of the Six Marks (YMSM 47).

9.  Music Room
Harmony in Green and Rose: The Music Room (YMSM 34).

10.  sunshine
Double underlined.

11.  Valparaiso Nocturne
Nocturne in Blue and Gold: Valparaiso Bay (YMSM 76).

12.  Count
Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac (1855-1921), Symbolist writer and poet, and collector [more].

13.  must
Double underlined.

14.  Mrs Melhuish
Mrs Melhuish, unidentified.

15.  Miss Maud
Probably Philippa Maude Philip (1865-1915), JW's sister-in-law [more].

16.  Joshuas
Possibly Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792), painter [more], although the context is unclear.

17.  the picture
'the' is double underlined. It is not entirely clear if JW means his newly completed painting, Arrangement in Black and Gold: Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac (YMSM 398).