The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 06461
Date: [18 July 1855][1]
Author: Anna Matilda Whistler[2]
Place: [Scarsdale[3]]
Recipient: JW
Place: [Baltimore]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W456
Document Type: ALS

I had such a pleasant letter from Homelands[4] yesterday, you surely will go with Glenn[5] to spend one evening in exchanging adieus there. I wish you would call at Barretts[6] & have your W Point painting [7] framed in the old Peter Gt frame[8], have it re-gilded & sent by Barrett per Propelle Line[9] to N Y. Tell him to direct the bill to me, but if you dear Jemie approve I wish to present Doct Cammann[10] with that peice [sic], as under God - his skill & attendance enabled you to profit by your last year at West Point[11]. I am sure it would gratify him as a token of your grateful remembrance of his disinterestedness[.] he has been quite ill, indeed he looked to me likely next to go! but is travelling for his health. I went to Fordham[12] one day with Aunt Kate[13] & shall like to go with you & Willie[14] to see them all. It will not be convenient for me to send Willie to meet you in N Y. he has to go tomorrow with me to buy linen for you both & to get a straw hat for himself, he has studies to attend to daily. Our love to Jacks[15] & hope he may come with you. Willie & I expect to visit Aunt Kate about the middle of Augt. And Willie returns to College[16] by the lst Sept. Omit nothing you ought to attend to in winding up in Balt[17] dear James.

Ever[18] your devoted widowed mother

Anna M Whistler.

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1.  18 July 1855
Dated from AMW's visit to Fordham, NY on 12 July 1855 with Catherine ('Kate') Jane Palmer (ca 1812 - d.1877), née McNeill, AMW's sister [more]; see AMW to JW, 11 July 1855, #06463.

2.  Anna Matilda Whistler
Anna Matilda Whistler (1804-1881), née McNeill, JW's mother [more].

3.  Scarsdale
AMW moved back to Scarsdale some time between May-June 1855. For AMW's thoughts on her return to the 'cottage' owned by her friends Margaret G. and Sarah Hill, see AMW to JW, 15 March 1855, #06454.

4.  Homelands
The home of David Maulden Perine, Sr (1796-1882), merchant [more].

5.  Glenn
Elias Glenn Perine (1829-1922), stockbroker [more].

6.  Barretts
Barrett & De Beet, looking glass & frame makers, 72 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore; see Wood's Baltimore Directory for 1858-59, Baltimore, pp. 10 and 79.

7.  W Point painting
Copy after Turner's 'Rockets and blue lights (close at hand) to warn steam-boats of shoal water' (M.176) was probably painted in New York (rather than West Point) from a chomolithograph by Robert Carrick (ca 1829 - d.1904), genre and landscape painter [more]. The print, dated 1852, was bought in 1854 by George William Whistler (1822-1869), engineer, JW's half-brother [more].

8.  Peter Gt frame
Probably a picture frame from the time of Peter Romanov I (1672-1725), Tsar of Russia, called 'Peter the Great'. It was probably brought from St Petersburg, where AMW lived 1843-1849.

9.  Propelle Line
Propeller Line, shipping line; see AMW to JW, 11 July 1855, #06463.

10.  Doct Cammann
Dr George Philip Cammann (1804-1863), physician [more].

11.  West Point
JW was discharged from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY June 1854; see Gordon H. Fleming, The Young Whistler 1834-66, London, 1978, pp. 104-108.

12.  Fordham
AMW had been to Fordham on 12 July 1855; see AMW to JW, 11 July 1855, #06463. George P. Cammann lived in Fordham, New York; see Throw's New York City Directory, New York, 1861, p. 136.

13.  Aunt Kate
Catherine ('Kate') Jane Palmer (ca 1812 - d.1877), née McNeill, AMW's sister [more].

14.  Willie
William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].

15.  Jacks
Patrick T. Jackson ('Jacks') McNeill (1835-1898), accountant, JW's cousin [more].

16.  College
In March 1855, William M. Whistler resumed his studies at Trinity College, Hartford, CT, where he enrolled as a pre-medical student; see AMW to JW, AMW to JW, 13 February 1855, #06452, 15 March 1855, #06454; AMW to James H. Gamble, 4 February 1856, #06471.

17.  Balt
JW was staying in Baltimore with Thomas De Kay Winans (1820-1878), locomotive engineer and collector [more].

18.  Ever
'Ever ... Whistler' continues in the left margin.