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System Number: 06103
Date: 27 November 1893
Author: Thomas Robert Way[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W100
Document Type: ALS[2]


Novr 27 1893

My dear Mr Whistler

I received your letter[3] this morning and was very glad to get it, for I had begun to fancy the proofs might have misscarried [sic]! I have written to M. Marty[4] this morning asking him to send me some Japaneese [sic] paper to print his edition on, as he offered to do, if you should choose that paper (we cant get anything like it!) and I will urge forward the whole matter at once. I see his publication is advertised to be ready in November! 3 days is not excessive for the work [p. 2] to be got through. I shall not attempt to mount the prints here, it would only make a greater delay and add very greatly to the cost of transit. and he offered to do that, as he has done in another artists work - Your letter came not only as a relief to know that the prints had arrived, but also, I can hardly tell you how glad we were to learn that you were entirely satisfied. Of course my father[5] and I are both very delighted, and fully agree with your ideas as to the "painter-like" quality of the work. They are superb. I will only venture one word of caution, it is, that at present we are quite uncertain as to the number of prints a [p. 3] stump drawing will bear, if we can retransfer it successfully it may print 1000s in the machine but the work is so extremely delicate that the question of retransferring is not quite solved. Any way, any of these drawings should print 200 each without wearing at all, and we shall see what happens in printing M. Marty's 107. Now with regard to the stone, I regret that your indignation fell so heavily on the harmless necessary "Estompe"! indeed it was no fault of his! You appear to have tried to draw with him! he is to be used on stump's or pieces of cloth just the same as the bricquette. But you could have "jumped" as heavily as you liked on the grain of the stone! there lay the fault, Just try that stone we sent you - I shall not trouble to send back the stone you sent, unless you especially wish it, as it is not worth graining[;] the corner being broken off makes it impossible to make a pull without marking the paper in a very ugly way. I shall write you again in a day or so, when we are fully at work, and in the meanwhile you might send us the new paper drawing so that it may be put on stone soon, and not get dusty.

with kindest regards from father and self to Mrs Whistler[6] & self
Yours sincerely

Tom R Way

J. McN. Whistler Esqr.

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1.  Thomas Robert Way
Thomas Robert Way (1861-1913), printer, lithographer and painter [more].

2.  ALS
Published in Spink, Nesta R., The Lithographs of James McNeill Whistler, gen. eds Harriet K. Stratis and Martha Tedeschi, Chicago, 1998, vol. 2, p. 74, no. 59.

3.  letter
JW had written on 21 November complaining about his technical problems with using 'estompe', #03350.

4.  M. Marty
André E. Marty (b. 1857), journalist, illustrator and print publisher [more].

5.  father
Thomas Way (1837-1915), lithographic printer [more].

6.  Mrs Whistler
Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].