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System Number: 13244
Date: [August 1888?][1]
Author: Charles James Whistler Hanson[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB5/3
Document Type: MsD

  Rough Catalogue of China
Dessert Service - White China with red and black border,
    centre dish, four side dishes, one broken. Eight plates
One open work china-basket and stand.
Blue and China Tea-pot, with feather underneath the spout,
Red and Blue china Tea-pot.
White and blue China Tea-pot, with two male figures
    on the sides, and a circle underneath.
Two yellow and green Tea-pots, with ivy leaves on the 
    back, and stamped underneath.
One small milk-jug, with wing on the side
One bronze coffee-pot, with the marks underneath the lid                           [three Chinese characters]
Twelve 13 small cups and 11 saucers, blue and white inside and
    brown outside, with a square underneath.
Small blue and white basin with cover, and square on 
    top and bottom
Four Chinese bowls fitting one inside the other. The top of
    the largest one broken
One small green fish pattern bowl.
Two middle size blue and white basins, both cracked
One yellow vase with wooden stand


Three pieces of yellow china, fitting into one, the bottom
    one having four large openings, the top one having a
    five pointed star.
Four small thin-necked blue and white vases.
One drab-coloured vase, with green and brown marks on
    the side, and having four dents in the side
Two large size blue and white vases, with small dragon,
    for handles
One square soup dish tureen with horse and man on cover.
One blue and white soup dish with scene of houses on 
'1 Soup Tureen and cover[3]'
Eight octagon hot water plates. '2 handles broken[4]'
7 in the second lot
One large well dish, with dragon in centre.
One large pale-blue plate with four sprays underneath
One smaller than above, marked the same.
Eight blue and white soup plates, with blue circle in
    centre of each, and in the middle of each a 
    small bundle of blue flowers
One soup-plate smaller than above, with fifteen-pointed 
    star in centre.
Four cream and yellow boats.
Five blue and white plates with five flowers and
    four fans in the centre. Two broken.


Four blue and white plates, one cracked.
Ten blue and white plates, all same size, all different pattern,
   five broken.
Two blue and white bowls, with three dragons on the lids
One red, blue, white and gold bowl, with four marks
One golden yellow bowl, same size as above.
One bowl divided into three pieces, with dragons all 
    over, and having two heads holding each handle,
    two handles.
One china wicker-work Japanese lamp
One blue and white bowl with cover, having three 
    prints on the lid, and one handle.
One blue and white jar, with three figures on the
    sides, one figure holding a fan umbrella.
One blue and white jar, slightly smaller than above,
    having two pictures and four columns of 
[tick] One vase with cover, covered with flowers, containing
    tobacco, and having one square underneath,
    not in the centre.
One thin-necked vase covered with flowers, and 
   stopper in top.

[p. 4]

One vase, minus top, with three girls on the side,
One dark blue teapot with straight spout.
[tick] One blue-and-white Teapot with three nobs [sic] underneath
Two red-and-blue, fish-shaped, salt cellars.
One blue fish-shaped salt cellar.
Two monkey-faced china figures with movable heads
One yellow and green cup and saucer.
One various coloured bowl, having flowers, etc; on the
    side, and having a cock and hen on cover.
One musical-instrument-shaped dish with two dragons
    in centre
Two white and blue dishes, to go outside of plate,
    with river scenes in centre.
Two small ditto with flowers in centre.
One blue and white china ash-tray, with ten
    pointed star in centre.
Nine tiny blue and white ash trays.
One large saucer with scallop worked edge, and
    river scene in centre.
Seven liquer [sic] bowls, with Chinese writings on sides.
One cup and saucer, with six Japanese words, round
    the edge.


One saucer with two birds flying over a house, and
    cracked cup to match, and having flower
    growing from triangle.
Five cups, each having a bird in the centre, and
    four saucers to match, and one odd one
Four cups with three spots in the middle, and 
    three saucers to match.
Six cups with saucers to match, each having a 
 single flower in the centre.
Two cups without saucers, and having six flowers
    round the side.
One blue and white cup with a river scene
    inside and brown outside.
Two small white saucers, with white circles underneath
Eleven 10 cups and saucers, cups and saucers scallop-
    shaped, each cup having a small white
    inside and eight tops.
Two drabs coloured dishes with two storks in 
    centre. Five covers turned over, both
Six small octagon shaped ash trays, each having 
    eight figures round side
[tick] Six thick bamboo plates.


Six Worcester blue cups and six saucers to match.
One blue butter-dish same service
One blue milk-jug - same service as above
One blue china fish dish with strainer (large).
One 'big china bath[5].
2. Strainers - (fish)
1. White chinese Coffee pot with animals (Venturi[6])
for handle and spout
2 Coffee cups and saucers red blue and gold - flowers (Boughton[7])
1. Vase and cover with cat on top (Grey and White)
(Lady Colin Campbell[8])
1 White flower Pot with crests of Mikado as
decoration -
1. Green flower pot with Skeletons playing
1 Small square flower pot - White - in two peices [sic] - the
outer-open work -
1. Green Ice pail - black wooden Cover
1 Green Biscuit - box and cover - black lacquer
cover -
3 Worcester baskets and stands
   "  "    plates,
   "  "    dishes
1 Large brown Jar with Eagle and dragon

[p. 7]

1. Large blue-and white Table - (Japanese)
(Pear and Arthurs)'
Two dozen blue & white parseley [sic] pattern plates (Dickinson[9] £5)
9 Fish saucers
12 Fish Cups.
17. Feather plates - one cracked & mended -

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1.  [August 1888?]
This relates to other lists of china and of silver, one of which contains date notes between May and July 1888 (see #12726, #13245). It reflects the collecting of porcelain by the Whistlers around the time of their marriage in August 1888.

2.  Charles James Whistler Hanson
Charles James Whistler Hanson (1870-1935), engineer, son of JW and Louisa Fanny Hanson [more].

3.  '1 Soup Tureen and cover'
Written in the hand of Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].

4.  2 handles broken
Written in the hand of Beatrix Whistler.

5.  big china bath ... Arthur's
Written in the hand of Beatrix Whistler. The rest of the text is in Hanson's hand.

6.  Venturi
Emilie Venturi (d. 1893), née Ashurst, wife (1) of Sydney Hawkes, and (2) Carlo Venturi [more]. She may have given the Whistlers a wedding present in August 1888.

7.  Boughton
Florence ('Flossie') Boughton (b.1863, m.1887), Mrs J. C. Montagu Robb [more].

8.  Lady Colin Campbell
Gertrude Elizabeth Campbell (1857-1911), née Blood, Lady Colin Campbell, writer, art critic and amateur artist [more].

9.  Dickinson
Dickinson, a tradesman.