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System Number: 12878
Date: 8 April [1902][1]
Author: Mary Maud Little[2]
Place: [Paris]
Recipient: Ione Tyler[3]
Place: Salt Lake City
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F573
Document Type: ALS

Tuesday April 8th


I got your most welcome letter of Mrch 25 on Saturday the 5th & I was so thankful to see that you were keeping pretty well in spite of the awful weather you are having what a climate, as I have already said you must get out of that country[.] I noticed in your other letter what you said or rather what Warwick[4] said about the place in the mountains, but it seems altogether too far off. I suppose Salt Lake City must be much [p. 2] nearer to you & that one can breathe there better than in the City, & Warwick could then get to you. This can only be a very short letter as we are all in the throes of developing photographs in the hope of sending you something but[5] alas although we passed all day yesterday afternoon in the wine cellar with Mr de Carvalho[6] & ever since lunch today trying to print them our efforts have not been crowned with the success we certainly deserve, the thing is we have not patience enough, however I gave a day to be printed of those we took last week & they [p. 3] promised me the proofs tomorrow in which case you shall have the best of them by Fridays mail, anyway dearie success or failure they are all done with the affectionate desire of pleasing you so you cant be other than lenient. On Sunday aft- we went to the Comedie Francaise all of us. & I flatter myself that was a revelation to Aunt Luce[7] & Maud[8]. for there were two most lovely plays given, it reminded me so much of the time we went together dearest I have taken them also to see a piece called Mdme Flirt which I have seen 4 times. & they found that splendid also. I dont wonder [p. 4] for never does one see such acting in London. They are going on Friday instead of Wednesday and we are very glad to have them the two days longer[.]

It is lovely weather here but very chilly in the morning although the trees are very advanced. how I do always wish I could see you, but then dearie the time will come, only do take care of yourself, if I could only bear this suffering for you, but the time will pass soon and you will be well & happy. I do hope Warwick is not worrying himself about you as you say - he is so thin give all our kind love to him & I will write longer on Tuesday meantime you have my lovingest thoughts and I talk about you all the time, to myself mostly

your dear


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1.  8 April [1902]
Year dated from other related letters: #12873, #12877, #12879. Furthermore, 9 April fell on a Tuesday in 1902.

2.  Mary Maud Little
Mary Maud Franklin (1857- ca 1941), JW's model and mistress [more], now married to J. A. Little.

3.  Ione Tyler
Ione Tyler (b. 1875/1877), daughter of Maud Franklin and JW, wife of W. A. Tyler [more].

4.  Warwick
Warwick A. Tyler (b. 1875), husband of JW's daughter Ione [more].

5.  but
Double underlined.

6.  Mr de Carvalho
Eugène José de Macedo-Carvalho (1854-1928), son of Octavie Josephine de Macedo-Carvalho [more], whom Maud Little would have known through George Aloysius Lucas (1824-1909), art dealer in Paris [more].

7.  Aunt Luce
See a reference in #12873.

8.  Maud
Alice Maud Hamerton (b. 1882), niece of JW's mistress Maud Franklin [more].