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System Number: 13431
Date: [4 October 1887][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: Horace Henry Cauty[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler G206b
Document Type: ALd[3]

Dear Mr Secretary -

I fear that last night I was a little inattentive to what was going on and therefore [have] but a vague impression of something you said about writing to Mr Cafieri[4] - upon the principle that though he has resigned he is still a member -

Now If this [were?] your intention, I wish you Pray do nothing of the kind if such were your intention -

I [wish?] wish to lose no occasion of letting all feel th[at] the Royal Society of British Artists has no link severs all connection with those who leave her - and the six months grace I certainly mean to do away with - so that when a member resigns he may know that there is no room for chance of retracting - but go he must -

Therefore my dear Cauty please see that Le Patourel[5] send[s] no letter to Mr Caffieri[6] asking for services we would on no occasion that the laws may that the old "S B A" might have been glad to accept but wh[ich] the Royal Society of British Artists would on no account tolerate -

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1.  [4 October 1887]
This is a draft of a letter dated 4 October 1887 (#13106). It is written in pencil.

2.  Horace Henry Cauty
Horace Henry Cauty (1846-1909), historical and genre painter [more].

3.  ALd
There is a letter on the recto to H. Matthews, which appears to date from considerably earlier, that is 11 August 1887 (#01841).

4.  Mr Cafieri
Hector Caffieri (1847-1932), artist [more]. He had been on the hanging committee of the SBA, and apparently did not agree with JW.

5.  Le Patourel
A. F. or A. J. Le Patourel, painter, acting secretary of the SBA [more].

6.  no letter to Mr Caffieri ... tolerate -
Remainder of the text is written on right, at right angles to rest of text.