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System Number: 13377
Date: [1898/1902][1]
Author: JW
Recipient: [unknown]
Repository: Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
Call Number: GLAHA 46278, pp. 4-8
Document Type: ALd[2]

nipped him in the inkpot,

is long lived

[p. 2] bag of tricks

The same old stock in trade - this time in more suburban booth - at The "Magazine of Art[3]" a sort of hors barrière[4] - retreat - a kind of British Belleville company[5] -

tis here then he sets up his bag of tricks - & brings out his bric a brac -

Méryon Rembrandt[6]. God forgive him! [three illegible words] a papier maché Méryon - for paper weight - a much reduced Rembrandt for reference - .... two or three [vignettes?] of Flemish School - and a few names at random for culture's sake and the qualification of the Old Art Criticism! -

[p. 3] crass


blundering ingenuity of this insinuating [par?] - this born bagman - Bad with to the terror that Believing that [comment?] difficulty is crime of the most heinous character - & a (hint) suggestion of bankruptcy more damaging to a man than [bad?] work or an [assertion?] of rape!

[p. 4] The sentence properly made

& had Mr Wedmore[7] confined himself to this statement he would have kept within the character of St [Comus?] whose business it is to remember the [wit?] of his [master?] [betters?] and jot down the the journeying of the master whose baggage baggage he picks at for perquisites -

But sore and [illegible] wanting rather his kicks than his halfpence, he is filled with the gall and malice hatred of his kind - and now look at the blundering to tell all ingenuity of this [lackey?] - Bethinking himself of the with the instinct of the commercial traveler his bethinking himself [of?] he concocts the parenthesis in wh that shall pass into this little paragraph the poison that known of the parish as "deadly" -

[p. 5] warehouse wisdom and store sympathy -

[p. 6] [drawing of man's head[8]]

worthy of the Hawk worst days of the periodical whose Editor[9] was publically caned in the foyer - a fact by the way graven in the pavement of Drury Lane - forever - notwithstanding gallons of ink poured down the abyss of his -

Mr Wedmore knows these things and has boldly chosen the moment of my absence for his vilainous supreme Parenthesis! -

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1.  [1898/1902]
This is a note found in one of JW's sketchbooks used about this date (see also #13345, #13376 #13378, #13379, #13381, #13382).

2.  ALd
This draft is extremely difficult to read.

3.  Magazine of Art
Possibly a remembrance of Wedmore, Frederick, 'British Etching. I. - Turner - Wilke - Geddes - Palmer - Whistler,' The Magazine of Art, vol. 16, April 1893, pp. 183-186.

4.  hors barrière
Fr., beyond the barrier.

5.  Belleville company
A French engineering firm based in St Denis, the Delaunay-Belleville company manufactured boilers for locomotives and ships. In 1904 they began to make luxury automobiles.

6.  Méryon. Rembrandt
Charles Méryon (1821-1868), etcher [more], and Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn (1606-1669), painter and etcher [more].

7.  Mr Wedmore
Frederick Wedmore (1844-1921), art critic [more].

8.  drawing of a man's head
Sketchbook (M.1580), p. 9, Man's Head.

9.  Editor
Augustus Martin Moore (d. 1918), journalist and acting manager [more]. Moore was editor of the short-lived weekly paper, the Hawk. In 1890, JW had quarrelled with Moore when the paper published an insulting reference to E. W. Godwin (first husband of Beatrix Whistler). On the first night of the autumn season at Drury Lane Theatre, JW confronted Moore and struck him with a cane, crying 'Hawk! Hawk!'