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System Number: 13351
Date: [1886/1888][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
Call Number: GLAHA 46117, pp. 1-4
Document Type: AD

[sketches of scrolls and plan][2]

Mrs Manuel[3]
861 - 862 - 863
864 - 865 -
Chez Mons, Lucas[4]
la Bertrand
Seine et Marne

[p. 2, sketch of man in billycock hat] Toole[5] - & Miss McCarthy
Hatton Jos    Underdown
[Fanny Bowles?].   [Lastmalford?]
Macbeth - David [Lee?] -
Orrock - Linton Leighton
Smith M?  Detmould  Bird
Ionides - [illegible name]
Manuel - Scoones  Lenoir [Cod?]
Moreley MP   Miss [Balch?]   Stead
Kilmorny.          Moreley etc.
11 Upper Balgreen St
Miss Van de Weyer[6]
10. De Vere Gardens

[p. 3] Miss Alice Gordon[7] -
70 Stanley Rd Fulham
Sarah Elliston[8]
8 Goodson Rd
Lillie Road
Vin Créosoté -
[8r?]. Fournier -

[p. 4, sketch of gable end of a house]

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1.  [1886/1888]
Dated from rest of sketchbook, which includes, for instance, a draft letter from JW to H. Labouchère of [21 August 1886?], #13353 (see also #09014, #13352, #13355, #13356, #13357).

2.  [sketches of scrolls and plan]
The drawings on these pages are reproduced in Sketchbook (M.1145), inside cover, 'Scrolls and plan'; p. 1, 'man in billycock hat'; p. 5, 'Gable end of a house').

3.  Mrs Manuel
Sophia Eustratius Manuel (1853-1905), née Ionides [more].

4.  Lucas
George Aloysius Lucas (1824-1909), art dealer in Paris [more]. His name and address were written at right angles to the rest of the text.

5.  Toule
The list may be people to be invited to a private view. All the names are underlined, some crossed out, and many illegible. It may include John Lawrence Toole (1830-1906), theatrical producer and manager, proprietor of Toole's theatre [more]; Justin McCarthy (1830-1912), MP, journalist, novelist and historian [more], or his son; Joseph Hatton (1841-1907), author and journalist [more]; Emmanuel Maguire Underdown (1831-1913), barrister [more]; Jessica Bowles (ca 1852 - d.1887), née Gordon [more]; Robert Walker Macbeth (1848-1910), etcher and painter of rustic genre [more]; David Law (1831-1901), RBA treasurer, painter and etcher [more]; James Orrock (1829-1913), dentist, artist and collector [more]; Sir James Dromgole Linton (1840-1916), genre and watercolour painter [more]; Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), painter and sculptor [more]; Henry Edward Detmold (1854-1924), artist [more]; Dr George Bird (1817-ca 1899), physician [more]; Alexander ('Aleco') Ionides (1840-1898), businessman [more], or another family member; Miltiades Basil Manuel (1841-1907), collector [more]; William Baptiste Wordsworth Scoones (1838 or 1839-1906), civil servant [more]; Helen Lenoir (1852-1913), née Coupar Black, actress and stage manager [more]; and Charles Morley (1853-1916), journalist at the Pall Mall Gazette [more].

6.  Miss Van de Weyer
Evelyn Elizabeth Sturgis (b. 1848), daughter of Sylvian Van de Weyer (1802-1874), Belgian ambassador in London, or her sister Louise Marie Augusta (b. 1851).

7.  Miss Alice Gordon
Alice Gordon, possibly a model. These are local Chelsea addresses, and the girls are obviously locals.

8.  Sarah Elliston
Sarah Elliston, possibly a model.