The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 13261
Date: [13 September 1890?][1]
Author: [unknown][2]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler E40
Document Type: ALS

Dear Mr Whistler.

I met on Thursday last a friend, Mr Ellis[3], who I found had bn. a witness of the Drury Lane matter[4] & was indignant at the misrepresentations of the Hawk and St. James's[5]. He wrote on that day to the St James - copy inside - but the letter never appeared.

Yours faithfully

[? Peters?][6]

J. McNeill Whistler Esq.

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1.  [13 September 1890?]
This letter is written on the reverse of a letter from G. Ellis dated 12 September 1890 (#01052).

2.  [unknown]
The signature is crossed out and illegible; part of it might read 'Peters'.

3.  Mr Ellis
Graham Ellis, possibly a journalist [more].

4.  Drury Lane matter
JW had struck Augustus Martin Moore (d. 1918), journalist and acting manager [more], in the foyer of the Drury Lane Theatre.

5.  Hawk and St. James's
The Hawk had published what JW considered a libel of Edward William Godwin (1833-1886), architect and designer [more]. Excerpts from it were published in the St James's Gazette on 10 September 1890. See #09460, #13260, #13194, #13195 and #09461, which were published in 'Mr. Whistler and the St. James's Gazette', Sunday Times, 14 September 1890. An apology was printed in the St James's Gazette on 16 September 1890.

6.  [? Peters?]
The signature has been thoroughly crossed out.