The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 13237
Date: [22 August 1891][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London?]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB 2/93
Document Type: AD


Green & Gold - The field Touraine[3] - gs 80.
Blue Sea[4] - Water Colour - gs 80
Havre[5] - gns 60
Holland - Zandfurt[6] - gs. 60
Water Col. gin 60
The Sloop[7] - gs 140.
The Gold cloud[8] 80
Hotel Diep[p]e[9] - 120 -
Dordrecht[10] - 60 -
[tick] "Pink Note - The Porch[11]" (L. Z. Leiter Esq.[12]) Aug 22 '91 60


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1.  [22 August 1891]
This is the date at the bottom of the account, but not necessarily that of all sales recorded on the list.

2.  'D'
'D' is written in another hand. This document appears amidst a longer document in NB 2 (#13236) which lists JW's etchings alphabetically; however, although written on the pages set aside for etching titles beginning with 'D', this account appears to be distinct from that list and is transcribed here separately.

3.  Touraine
Possibly Green and Silver: Beaulieu, Touraine (M.1180), although that is a watercolour.

4.  Blue Sea
Off the Dutch coast (M.940), Blue and Silver (M.1044), or Blue and Silver - Afternoon, the Channel (M.1045).

5.  Havre
Possibly Stimmung in Blau und Silber: Havre (M.986), or Blue and Silver: Honfleur (M.987).

6.  Zandfurt
Zandfoort is on the coast west of Haarlem. Watercolours such as Little Scheveningen (M.965), and perhaps Grey and Silver - The Beach - Holland (M.964), were done in the area.

7.  Sloop
Green and Gold: The Sloop (YMSM 368).

8.  Gold cloud
The Gold Cloud (M.1173).

9.  Hotel Diep[p]e
White and Grey: La Cour de l'hôtel, Dieppe (YMSM 325).

10.  Dordrecht
There are several Dieppe subjects, i.e. Green and pearl - La plage, Dieppe (M.1025).

11.  The Porch
Rosy silver - The Pink Porch (M.1008). This sale is also recorded in #13083.

12.  L. Z. Leiter Esq.
Levi Ziegler Leiter (1834-1904), industrialist and collector [more].