The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 13235
Date: 18 July 1889
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB 2/19, 25-9
Document Type: MsD[1]

List of Proofs in Stock - unmounted 19
[p. 2] 25
List of Proofs in Stock. July 18 - 1889. -
Title. - Including those in Frames. -
Abbey Jubillee[2] [sic] - 2
Fleur de lis Passage - 1
Chateau St Germain 1
Rag Shop Chelsea 3
Stables Doorway 5
Fur Tippet 4
Gates City 1
Railway Arch 1
Tilbury 2
Tilbury 2
Grays Inn Place 2
Little Market Place Loches 1
Windows opposite - 1
Dipping the Flag - 3
Towing Path 2
Market Women Loches 1
Rue des Bon Enfants 6
Bonnet Shop 1
Renaissence [sic] Windows 2
Landing Stage Cowes 8
Charing Cross Bridge 4

[p. 3]
List of Proofs (Continued)
Title Including those Framed. Unmounted.
Children Portsmouth[3] 3
Courtyard Rue P. L. Courier 4
Dry Point Indications (Figure) 3
Sweet Shop 1
Furniture Shop 7
Dam Wood 2
Alderney St 2
Mezzotinto 1
Fumette 1
1 Title Page 1
Seymour 1
Tyzac Whiteley 1
Finette 1
Mrs Herbert - 1
Chelsea Wharfe 1
Little Salute Dry Point 1
Wild West, Bucking Horse 2
Mellon [sic] Shop 1
Nut Shop 2
The Chancellerie 14.
Cathedral 2

[p. 4]
List of Proofs (Continued)
Title Mounted Not mounted.
The Barrow[4], (Various Early States) 5
York Road 3
Monitors. (N. R)[i.e. Naval Review] 6
Dortchret [sic] 5
From Agnes Sorrels Walk 2
Station Voves4
Greenwich Pensioner (Destroyed) 2
The turret Ship (N. R) 10.
Market Place Tours 1
Hangmans House 2
Tower St Antoine 4
Return to Tilbury (N. R.) 17.
Scaffolding 4
The Fan 1
Binding the Hair 1
Head 2
Marbles 2
Doorway Kent 3
Church Doorway 2
The Hat 5
Doorway Church St. 1

[p. 5]
List of Proofs (Continued)
Title Mounted Unmounted
Chelsea Wharfe[5] [sic] 1
Salvation Army 3
Black Eagle 1
The Canal Ostend 1
Flower Market Brusseles [sic] 1
Little Maunders. 1
Butchers Shop Kent 2
Hotel Windows Brusseles 2
Hotel Promenade 1
Woods Fruit Shop 1
The Baby (Grays Inn) 1
St James Place Houndsditch 2
Theatre Loches 3
Mairie Loches 6
Rochefoucault 5
The Smithy 1
Millmans Row (Large) 6
Petticoat Lane 6
High St Brusseles 1
The Ramparts (Sandwich) 1
Jubillee [sic] Place 1

[p. 6]
List of Proofs (Continued) 29
Title Mounted Unmounted
Clock Tower Amboise[6] 3
Hotel & Blanche 1
Bird Shop (Chelsea) 1
Exeter St 1
Chelsea Fish Shop 5
Exchange No. 1 [,] 3
Fleet, Evening (N. R) 1
Amsterdam 1
Justice Walk 1
Prices Candle Factory 1
The Boy 1
Qui [sic] de Montabello 1
Nora Quinn 1
Rochester Row 3
Visitors Boat (N. R) 3
Troopships 8
Chateau Vernauille [sic]1
Hotel Alemaunt [sic] 3
St Augustine 3
Doorway Chappele [sic] Montresor 4
Bunting 8

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1.  MsD
Written in an unknown hand. In this transcription, LB2/19 appears as page one, LB2/25 is page two, and so on.

2.  Abbey Jubillee
Not all titles have been identified. The lists probably include the following etchings: Abbey Jubilee (K.316), Fleur De Lys Passage (K.289), 'Chateau St Germain' is not identified, possibly Rag-Shop, Milman's Row (K.272), Stables (K.225), possibly Miss Lenoir (K.334), Gates, City, London (K.283), Railway-Arch (K.268), Tilbury (K.317), Gray's Inn Place (K.297), possibly Market-Place, Loches (K.388), Windows opposite hotel, Bourges (K.401), Dipping the Flag (K.325), The Towing-Path (K.254), Market-Women, Loches (K.386), Rue des Bons Enfants, Tours (K.372), The Bonnet-shop (K.253), Renaissance Window, Loches (K.390), Ryde Pier (K.328), and Charing Cross Railway Bridge (K.310).

3.  Children Portsmouth
Portsmouth Children (K.323), Courtyard, Rue P.L.Courier (K.368), 'Dry Point Indications (Figure)' is not identified,, Village Sweet-shop (K.251), Furniture-Shop (K.266), The Dam Wood (K.145), Alderney Street (K.238), 'Mezzotinto', Fumette (K.13), possibly Whistler Sketching (K.25a), possiblyArthur Haden (K.61), Eagle Wharf (K.41), Finette (K.58), 'Mrs Herbert' is not identified, Little Salute (K.220), The Bucking Horse (K.315), Melon-Shop, Hounsditch (K.293), Nut-Shop, St.James's Place (K.291), Chancellerie, Loches (K.383), and possiblyUnder the Cathedral, Blois (K.397).

4.  The Barrow
The Barrow, Brussels (K.357), York Street, Westminster (K.270), Monitors (K.318), Dordrecht (K.242), From Agnes Sorrel's Walk (K.385), Railway-Station, Voves (K.371), Greenwich Pensioner (K.34), The Turret Ship (K.321), Market-Place, Tours (K.374), Hangman's House, Tours (K.376), Tour St.Antoine, Loches (K.392), Return to Tilbury (K.327), Savoy Scaffolding (K.267), The Fan (Model No.3) (K.345), Binding the Hair (K.344), Sketch of heads (K.104), Marbles (K.284), Doorway, Sandwich (K.307), Church Doorway, Edgemere (K.303), The Little Hat (K.335), and 'Doorway Church Street', which is not identified.

5.  Chelsea Wharfe
Chelsea Wharf (K.89), Salvation Army, Sandwich (K.305), Black Eagle (K.312), Canal, Ostend (K.353), Flower-Market, Brussels (K.359), Little Maunder's (K.279), Butcher's Shop, Sandwich (K.308), 'Hotel Windows Brussels' is not identified, Hotel de la Promenade, Loches (K.391), Woods's Fruit-Shop (K.265), Babies, Gray's Inn (K.298), St.James's Place, Houndsditch (K.290), Theatre, Loches (K.387), Mairie, Loches (K.382), Rue de la Rochefoucault (K.419), The Smithy (K.240), possibly Rag-Shop, Milman's Row (K.272), Petticoat Lane (K.285), High Street, Brussels (K.358), Ramparts, Sandwich (K.309), and Jubilee Place, Chelsea (K.274).

6.  Clock Tower Amboise
Clock-Tower, Amboise (K.394), possibly Hotel Croix Blanche, Tours (K.373), Bird-Cages, Chelsea (K.276), Exeter Street (K.280), The Fish-Shop, Busy Chelsea (K.264), Clothes-Exchange, No.1 (K.287), The Fleet: Evening (K.326), possibly Amsterdam from the Tolhuis (K.91), Justice Walk, Chelsea (K.275), Price's Candle Works (K.154), The Boy (K.135), Quai de Montebello (K.417), Nora Quinn (K.333), Rochester Row (K.269), Visitor's Boat (K.320), Troop Ships (K.319), Chateau Verneuil (K.380), Hotel Lallement, Bourges (K.399), Court of the Monastery of St. Augustine, Bourges (K.398), Chapel Doorway, Montresor (K.395), and Bunting (K.324).