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System Number: 13021
Date: 15 January 1887
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell[1]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB 1/33/1
Document Type: ADS

1887. Dowdeswells & Sons. -
Jan. 15. Eighteen "Drury Lane[3] - " Nineteen proofs. Eighteen proofs & one destroyed one: 19.
Twenty two, & one destroyed proof. The Temple 23.
Twenty Eight & one destroyed proof. Wheelwright. 29.
Nineteen & one destroyed one   Salute Dawn 20
Seven proofs & one destroyed. Upright Venice  8.
Seven proofs - San Biagio.  7.
Three proofs. Turkeys   3.
Recieved [sic] as per above:   W A Killen[4]  


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1.  Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell
Messrs Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell, print dealers and publishers. Their copy of this list is #08659. On the same page as this document is #13022.

2.  33
Printed in top right corner of sheet in ledger.

3.  Drury Lane
These etchings are all for A Set of twenty-six etchings of Venice, 1886 (the second 'Venice set') (K.196-216, 233-237). (excat 6). Those listed are Drury Lane (K.237), Temple (K.234), Wheelwright (K.233), Lagoon: Noon (K.216), Upright Venice (K.205), San Biagio (K.197) and Turkeys (K.199). The same page records further deliveries on 17 January (#08664).

4.  W A Killen
The list was written by JW in his ledger, and signed by W. A. Killen, employee of Messrs Dowdeswell.