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System Number: 12971
Date: [c.12 December 1867][1]
Author: Horace H. Doty[2]
Place: [London?]
Recipient: Rodolph Nicholson Wornum[3]
Place: [London]
Repository: Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library, London
Call Number: PC12/6 MSL/1952/1353/2/6/13
Document Type: ADd

With reference to the Statement of J A Whistler, that in consequence of my failing to reach Valparaiso[4] from London at early as was anticipated when we sailed from England (both on the same day) that he had been left destitute of funds &c. I beg to state that I employed Whistler on the first day of Feby 1866 to proceed to Valparaiso at a salary of thirty pounds Sterling per month, and agreed to pay his passage out - and return passage to London, and 8/- per diem Hotel Expenses on his arrival out And, in answer to his scandalous Statement, I beg to Copy from my receipt and Cash Books as follows

Received London Feby 1st 1866 from Captain H H Doty the sum of One Hundred and fifty pounds Sterling in advance £150 - on account of special service Via Panama to Chili [sic]

Signed J. A. McN Whistler
£150 -

[p. 2] Copy Valparaiso Chile 24 July 1866

Received from Captain Doty money obtained from Mrs Doty[5], the Sum of One Hundred and five pounds Sterling on account of Expenses & pay for the expedition to the Pacific
Signed J A McN Whistler
£105 -

Received Valparaiso Chile 29th Aug 1866 from Capt H H Doty the Sum of One Hundred pounds Sterling on account of pay

£100 - Received Valparaiso: 3 [Aug?] Sept 1866 from Capt H H Doty the sum of Twenty five pounds in full [for pay?] - signed J A M Whistler

From Cash Book

Feby 1st. Expenses of passage of J A Whistler

to Valparaiso £ 103 - -
Sept 1st. Passage home "   91 -
  £ 574. -


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1.  [c.12 December 1867]
This document was prepared in advance of the meeting of the Burlington Fine Arts Club on 13 December 1867 (see below).

2.  Horace H. Doty
Captain Horace H. Doty (b. 1824 or 1825), officer of marines, specialist in signal lights and lighthouse illumination [more]. This relates to JW's quarrel with Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), surgeon and etcher, JW's brother-in-law [more] (like JW, a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Club) and his resistance to the Committee's efforts to expell him from the club in December 1867. See also correspondence #12972, #12973.

3.  Rodolph Nicholson Wornum
Ralph Nicholson Wornum (1812-1877), history painter [more].

4.  Valparaiso
JW sailed for Valparaiso, Chile, in February 1866, where he would spend the next eight months as a bystander to the Chilean-Peruvian conflict with the Spanish government.

5.  Mrs Doty
Astive Doty (b. 1840 or 1841), née Froidure, wife of H. H. Doty [more].