The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 12829
Date: [January 1893/June 1894?][1]
Author: Ethel Birnie Philip[2]
Place: [Paris?]
Recipient: Edmund Henry Wuerpel[3]
Place: [Paris?]
Repository: Dr Edmund A. Bowles
Document Type: ALS

Dear Mr Wuerpel

We were so sorry you couldn't come last night, but will you come tonight? We shall be delighted if you will -

Sincerely Yours

Ethel Birnie-Philip

Wish Mr Davis[4] good luck & safe voyage[5] -

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1.  [January 1893/June 1894?]
This may relate to the World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893; Wuerpel was on the Jury in Paris.

2.  Ethel Birnie Philip
Ethel Whibley (1861-1920), née Philip, JW's sister-in-law [more].

3.  Edmund Henry Wuerpel
Edmund Henry Wuerpel (1866-1958), artist and teacher [more].

4.  Mr Davis
Davis, unidentified

5.  safe voyage
'Wish ... safe voyage' is written at right-angles to the main text, in the left-hand margin.