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System Number: 12715
Date: [1890/1892][1]
Author: Beatrix Whistler[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: [none]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler NB 2/31-77
Document Type: AD

(31.)[3] 179

Abbey, - (The. Jubilee[4][)]
After Sale - Exchange
Amsterdam from the Tolhuis 1883
Annie Hayden dry point
Alderney Street
Augustin. St. Bourges.
Annie Haden - 1887.   Wedmore[5]?
Annie - Legs not mine[6] -
Auguste Delâtre,
Annie - Seated
Arthur Seymour - Early,
Astruc    1859
Avenfeld[7]    1860
Agnes - Dry point - early,
Adam and Eve - (The) Old Chelsea -
Archway - Brussells.
Amsterdam - 1889 Palmer Gracht, Royen Gracht
Interior of Mill - Zandaam - Little Zandaam
Jacobs, The Drawbridge - "Long house"
"The Dancing house" - "The Pierrot" -
. . The Church - - The Balcony, nocturne
Little nocturne -
At the Piano -

[p. 2][8] (32.) 180

Butchers Street Brussells
Becquet - 1859. Brushing the Hair
Boy, (The[)] - dry point
Battersea - Dawn - Dry point
Butchers Shop - Kent -
Beggars - The - Venice Set - F A S[9].
Bonnet Shop.
Baby. (The[)]. Greys [sic] Inn
Baby - (The) and the Ball
Butter Street - Brussells
Barrow - Brushing (The -) Brussells
Beach - (The.) Ostend
Babies - Amboise[10]
Booth - Market Place Loches
Booth at a Fair
Binding the Hair
Black - Eagle -
Barbers Shop (The) - Chelsea
Bird Cages: Chelsea.
Bird Shop - Seven Dials[11].
Billingsgate (a sketch from)? Wedmore 130 -
Bibi Valentin - 1859
Bibi Lalouette - 1859.
Black Lion Wharf 1859
Billingsgate     1859
Battersea early morning[.] Battersea Bridge No. 3

[p. 3][12] (33)

(Children (Fruit Barrow)
Canal - (The) Ostend
Church - Brussells.
Court Yard - Brussells
Chateau Verneuillee
Chateau Bridorez
Clock-Tower - (The -) Amboise
Chateau d'Amboise
Cathedral - Blois
Chancellerie - Loches
Chapelle on the Hill Loches
Cock and Pump.
Cutler Street Hounsditch - 1887,
Customs House
Chelsea Wharf.
Corner of Palais Royale.
Cottage door. (The -)
Children - The - Portsmouth -
Cutter - Street
Chelsea Bridge and Church - dry point 18569
Chelsea Fish Shop
Charing Cross - Bridge
Courtyard Drury Lane Little Court
Cloak - The -
Colin Campbell Lady[13] Dry Point Indication

[p. 4][14] (35)

Dam Wood
Dry Docks - Southampton
Doorway - (The)
Doorways (The Two).
Doorway. Kent
Doorway, Church Street.
Dray. - (The Horse)
Doorway - Greys Inn -
Dipping The Flag. Jubilee set
Little Linen Shop -
Doorway - Stables Loche[s].
Door - Chapelle Montresor - France.
Donkey, The, Market Place Loches
Dyer - (The) - Venice
Desk (The) - ? Wedmore.
early, Dutchman holding Glass. (The - ). Wedmore
Dog on the Kennel - (The - ) Early French Plate
Drouet - 1850
Drury Lane
Dry point indication[15]

[p. 5][16] (37)

Exchange. No. 1 - Hounsditch.
Exchange No. 2.     "    "   
En Plein Soleil - Early French -
Engraver (The) Portrait of M Riault. 1860
Encamping - 1861.
Exeter Street

[p. 6][17] (39)

Furniture Shop.
Fish Shop - Chelsea
Fanny - Leyland.
Fish Shop - Venice
Fragment of Piccadilly - (A)
Fleet - (The) Evening
Fleur de Lys - Passage Hounsditch
Fishing Quay - Ostend -
Fish Women - Ostend
Fur - Tippet - The) ( Wedmore calls it Maude 99
Fur - Cape - The. Full length figure (Maude[18] Wedmore Pag. 99
Forge - (The.). Brittany
Forge - (The Little) - Liverpool (near[)].
Fruit Shop. Chelsea,
Free Trade Wharf - F A S,
Fishing Boats - Hastings,
Fumette[19] - Early French Plate
Fumette standing      1859,
Fumettes Bent Head - dry point 1859?
Finette[20] - The Creole - Dancer - 1859
Fosco - 1872.
Fulham -
Flower Market Brussells

[p. 7][21] (41)

Greengrocer - Nash
Guitar Player - The -
Greengrocers - Chelsea
Gold - House - Brussells.
Grand Palace - Brussells.
Gipsy - baby.
Gate-way, Chartreuse Loches,
Grimley . Miss -
Greys Inn, The little nurse  1887.
Greys. Inn - The Hoop       1887
Greys. Inn - The Baby and the Ball 1887
Greys. Inn - The Garden Seat. unfin 1887
Greys Inn - The Baby -       1887
Greys Inn - The Young Tree.    1887
Greys Inn - Greys Inn Place.    1887
Greys. Inn - The Long Seats.    1887
Greys. Inn - The Steps       1887
Greys. Inn - The Doorway,    1887
Greys. Inn. Under the Trees,   1887
Girl Reading[,] Japanese. Dress.
Gretchen - at Heidelberg, Early, 185?
Greenwitch Pensioner - 1859
Greenwitch Park.

[p. 8][22] (43)

Hastings - Wedmore calls it the Beech[23]
Head -
Hotel Window -
High Street Brussells
Hotel Kitchen
Herbert[24] - Mrs[.] The Fur Cloak.
House of Tristram[.] l'Hermitte
Hole in the Hill
Hotel, The -
Hotel de la Promenade Loche[s]
Hotel Aliment [sic] - Bourges
Hotel de Ville Loches.
Head -
Head -
Hurlingham -
Hat - [(]The Little.)
Hoorp The - Greys Inn,
House of the Swan - Brussells
High Street Kensington[25] dry point Indication

[p. 9][26] (45)

Irving as Charles the First
Islands Venice

[p. 10][27] (47)

James - (St.) Square - Place Hounsditch .
James. (St.) - Street -
James - (St.) Place. Nut Shop -
Joe - dry point -
Jubilee Place
St James Place Hounsditch
Justice Walk -

[p. 11][28] (49)
( K. )

Kings Road - Perambulator.
Kitchen (The) - Early French

[p. 12][29] (51)

Little Linen Shop[30] -
Landing Stage Cowes.
Little Pool - (The) 1861
Little Forge - (The)
Little Venice - The -
Little Mast, (The),
Little Lagoon.
Long Seats - The -
Little Picnic, The.
Little nurse - (The[)]
Little Market Place
Little Hotel Allemant    :
Large - Market Place, Loches
Little Chelsea. Memorial
Liverdun - Early French Plate - Thomas
La Rétameuse - Early French - set
La mere Gérard, Early French Plate
La mère Gérard Stooping,   "    "  
Little Arthur Haden,
La Vieille aux Loques. Early French
La Marchande de Moutarde - Early French Plate
Little Boy - ('A')
[p. 13] (52)
Limehouse - 1859.
Longshore men 1859
Lime Burner - (The) 1859
Landscape with the Horse (The). 1859
Little Whapping, [sic] (The -) 1861
Little Pool - (The -) 1861
Leyland - F R.
Leyland - Fanny 187[8?]
Elenor - Leyland Elinor
Florence Leyland.
1873 Letter - (The) (Maude Seated Wedmore!)
Lady at Window - . Dry point -
Lindsay Houses 1878
Large Pool - (The)
Little Putney. 1879,
Little Maunders.
Lobster Pots - Selsea Bill.

[p. 14][32] (53)

Maunders -
Mellon Shop.
Market - Flower.
Market (The) - Bruges,     1887.
Market Place - Ostend.    1887,
Market women Loches,    1888
Market Place (Little). Tours. 1888
Market Place. The. Tours.    1888
Mairie, Loches,    1888
Market place (The - Large - ) Loches 1888
Millmans Row - Shop.
Millmans. Row. - large.
Millmans Row - - The little rag shop.
Merton Villa - Chelsea. To Trix[33].
Mempes. Family - (The)
Murano - Glass blowers. Venice
Muff - (The -)
Music room - (The - ) Early,
Mr Mann[34] - 1860. Dry point
Miser - The - Dry point - Early
Millbank. 1861
Model Resting. (The - Dry point, 1870
Model lying down (The) - Wedmore.

[p. 15] (54)

Martin's Lane - (St). Shampoo Shop.

[p. 16][35] (55)

Nocturne - Salute ,
Jubilee -   Naval - Review   - No. 1. Gun Boat
Review   Naval - Review   Children Portsmouth
1887    Naval Review   Dipping the Flag,
      Naval Review - The Turret Ship
      Naval Review   The Monitors
      Naval Review   The Troop Ship
      Naval Review   Bunting.
      Naval Review   Tilbury
      Naval Review   Landing Stage Cowes
      Naval Review   The Fleet - Evening
      Naval Review   Return to Tilbury
      Naval Review   Dry Docks Southampton
      Naval Review   Visitors Boat
Norah Quinn
Notre Dame - Bourges
Nursemaid and Child - early

[p. 17][36] (57)

Old. woman
Old Battersea Bridge   No. 1 - F A S.
Ostend Market Place
Ostend The Beach
Ostend Fish women
Ostend, Fishing Quay,
Old Battersea - Bridge - No. 2.
Old Hungerford Bridge 1859.

[p. 18][37] (59)

Penny Passengers.
Prices Candle Factory.
Paris.   Pont des Arts. (Isle de la Cité) Wedmore
Paris   Passage de l'Opera
Paris    - A Corner of the Palais Royale
Paris   Rue de la 'Rochefoucault'
Paris   Quai de montobello
Piazetta - The - Venice - F A S,
Pettigrewe[38] Miss.
Park - (The[)] -
Piccadilly - (A fragment of.)
Portsmouth, (Children)
Picnic (- The little)
Petticoat Lane
Paris Rag Pickers
Paris Rag Pickers
P. L. Courier - Rue., Tours
Palaces. Venice
Putney Bridge F A S -
Punt - (The) 1861
Pickled Herring Stairs or Wharf -

[p. 19][39] (61)

Quai de Montobello - Paris

[p. 20][40] (63)

Return to Tilbury - Naval Review - 1887.
Regent Street.
Riva (The). Nocturne.
Rag - shop
Railway Arch - America Square. E C.
Rag Pickers Paris.
Resting by the stove
Rue au beurre
Rue des Armes
Rue P L Courier Tours Courtyard in
Rennaisance Window - Chenonceux
Rue des Bon Enfants, Tours
Reading - (Girl)
Railway station Voves.
River side sketch - unfinished? (Wedmore 12[8?][)].
Rag Gatherers - Wedmore.
Reading by Lamplight - Early.
Reading in Bed
Rotherhithe? - 1860. Wedmore - formerly called Whapping
Ratcliffe Highway early,
Ross Winans early,

[p. 21] (64)

Resting? (. Wedmore - 105).
Rochester Row - Westminster

[p. 22][41] (65)

Smithy The.
Shop Millmans Row -
Shipping - Nocturne -
Sleeping Girl (A child on Couch - Wedmore).
Stables - Venice
Steps, The, Greys. Inn.
Seamstress - The.
Sweet Shop - The.
Seats, [(]The Long) Greys Inn
Salvation Army,
Scaffolding D Oyley Cartes[42]
Swan House Brussells -
Steps. The - Justice Walk.
Sabot Makers - (The - ) Tours. 1888
Shops - Rue - Ro[c]hefoucault
[Soales?] - Boot Shop Radcliffe Highway,
Girl reading,
St Germain
St Antoine (Tour.) - Loches,
Stables - (Doorway. -) Loches.
Shop. (The Wine). Amboise
Sorrel - (The walk of Agnes) Loches
Smith Field
Salute - Nocturne, Venice, -
Sketch of on the Chelsea. Embankment

[p. 23] (66)
S. continued

(The) Scotch Widow -
Ships - Two. - 1875
Speke shore
Shipbuilders Yard - 1875 Dry point -
Sketch of Ships
Street in Saverne - Early French,
Soupe à trois sous - Early French set
Sketch at Limehouse - (A) ? Wedmore 59
Sketching     . early,
Storm. (The.[)] - 1861
Shipping at Liverpool 1867.
Speke Hall 1870
Swan - (The) 1872 - Chelsea
Seated Girl 1871
Sketches, two. - Wedmore. - 108.
Swinburne. Dry point.
Sketch of nude girl
Steamboat off Tower, dry point. 1875
Shampoo Shop. St Martin's Lane

[p. 24][43] (67)

Traghetta (The -) - F A S, Venice Set
Tree - The Young - Grey - Inn.
Tow-Path - The -
Trees. under - the.
Tours. (The Clock -). Amboise
Tower. St Antoine. Loches
Tristram (House of -) Tours.
Temple Bar.
Tillie - a model 1873 - Dry point
The Title to the French set. 1858
Thames Warehouses   - 1859 published 1871
Tyzac. Whiteley &. Co   1859
The Pool        1859
Thames Police       1859
Tiny Pool       early.
Tatting   - published 18[80?]
Tilly Greaves - The piano in Wedmore.
Thames towards Erith
The Temple

[p. 25][44] (69)

Under. the Trees . Greys. Inn
Unsafe Tenement - (The - ) French plate early

[p. 26][45] (71)

(Chateau). Verneuillee [sic]
Venus, 1859,
Vauxhall Bridge 1861.
Velvet Dress - (The) 1873
Velvet Dress ( - The Little) 1873.
Venice The Little Venice F A S
" Nocturne F A S
" The Little Mast F A S
" The Little Lagoon F A S
" The Palaces F A S
" The Doorway F A S
" The Piazetta F A S
" The Traghetto F A S
" The Riva    "
" Two Doorways    "
" The Beggars    "
" The Mast    "
" Doorway and Vine Dowdeswell
" Wheelwright    "
" San Biagio    "
" Bead Stringers    "
" Turkeys .    "
" Fruit stall    "


[p. 27] (72)

Venice San Georgio Dowdeswell,
" Nocturne Palaces    "
" Long Lagoon    "
" The Bridge.    "
" The Bridge    "
" Upright Venice    "
" The Riva No. 2.    "
" The Balcony.    "
" Fishing Boat    "
" Ponte Piovan    "
[illegible] Garden    "
" The Rialto    "
" Long Venice    "
" Furnace Nocturne    "
" Quiet Canal    "
" Salute, Dawn    "
" Lagoon Noon    "
" Murano Glass Blowers    -
" Fish Shop /  
" The Dyer  
" Little Salute  
" Woolcarders  
" Islands Venice  
  Nocturne Shipping Nocturne - Salute
  Old Women - Venice Stables Venice


[p. 28][46] (73)

Wool Carders.
Wimpole Street
Windsor 110 Dry point - Memorial
Windsor - Etching
Weary, 1863
Wild West  No. 1
Wild West  No. 2
Wild West  No. 3
Woods Fruit Shop. - Chelsea
Wine Shop. (The -) Amboise
- [(]The - ) Windows. (The) opposite , Bourges
Whistler - 1879, Dry point. with white lock.
Wych Street,
Whistler - [(]Early.) . . etching   1858.
Wine Glass - (The) Early,
Wharf (.A.)
Whistler - 1859 - Hat on
Westminster Bridge in Progress 1861
Whistlers Mother.
Wolseley, Lord -
Wharf - Free Trade Wharf

[p. 29] (75)
[page blank]

[p. 30][47] (77)

York. Street. Westminster

This document is protected by copyright.


1.  [1890/1892]
The etchings listed date from up to late 1889, and the list could have been made over the following years. It is entirely in the hand of Beatrix Whistler, although some of the identification of etchings and comments must have come from JW.

2.  Beatrix Whistler
Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].

3.  31
The ledger is numbered by hand in pen in the top outside corners (in this case, the top right corner. Earlier pagination has been crossed out. The list below is divided alphabetically.

4.  Abbey, - (The. Jubilee
This is a nearly complete list of JW's etchings up to 1890. The contents of each page have been listed below. Only those that have not been identified have been annotated separately. Certain words are mis-spelt throughout, i.e. 'Greys' for Grays inn, 'Brussells' for Brussels. The identification of certain sitters and subjects, as well as the indication of dates, is useful. The etchings on this page are as follows: Abbey Jubilee (K.316), After the Sale, Hounsditch (K.294), Amsterdam from the Tolhuis (K.91), possibly Annie Haden (K.62), Alderney Street (K.238), possibly Court of the Monastery of St. Augustine, Bourges (K.398), possibly Annie Haden (K.62), Annie (K.10), Auguste Delàtre (K.26), Annie, Seated (K.30), possibly Little Arthur (K.9) or Arthur Haden (K.61), Astruc, a literary man (K.53), Axenfeld (K.64), Agnes (K.134), The 'Adam and Eve', Old Chelsea (K.175), Archway, Brussels (K.366), The Embroidered Curtain (K.410), Steps, Amsterdam (K.403), The Mill (K.413), Zaandam (K.416), Little Drawbridge, Amsterdam (K.412), Long House - Dyer's - Amsterdam (K.406), Nocturne: Dance House (K.408), Pierrot (K.407), Church, Amsterdam (K.411), Balcony, Amsterdam (K.405), Little Nocturne, Amsterdam (K.414), and possibly The Piano (K.141).

5.  Wedmore
Beatrix Whistler based or checked this list against the etchings listed in Wedmore, Sir Frederick, Whistler's Etchings: a Study and a Catalogue, London, 1886.

6.  legs not mine
The alterations to Annie (K.10) were made by Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), surgeon and etcher, JW's brother-in-law [more].

7.  Avenfeld
Heinrich Axenfeld (fl. 1857-1892), painter [more].

8.  [p. 2]
The etchings listed below are: possibly Butter Street, Brussels (K.364) or Little Butter Street, Brussels (K.367), Becquet (K.52), The Toilet (K.93), Bunting (K.324), The Boy (K.135), Battersea: Dawn (K.155), Butcher's Shop, Sandwich (K.308), The Beggars (K.194), The Bonnet-shop (K.253), Babies, Gray's Inn (K.298), possibly Babies, Gray's Inn (K.298), possibly Butter Street, Brussels (K.364) or Little Butter Street, Brussels (K.367), The Barrow, Brussels (K.357), The Beach, Ostend (K.354), Market-Place, Loches (K.388), Booth at a fair (K.249), Binding the Hair (K.344), Black Eagle (K.312), possibly The Barber's (K.271), A Sketch from Billingsgate (K.168), Bibi Valentin (K.50), Bibi Lalouette (K.51), Black Lion Wharf (K.42), Billingsgate (K.47a), Early Morning, Battersea (K.75) and Sketch of Battersea Bridge (K.311).

9.  F A S
The Fine Art Society.

10.  Babies - Amboise
Several etchings that appear to date from the Whistler's honeymoon in 1888 have not been identified with certainty, and may indeed have been destroyed. These include 'Babies- Amboise' on p. 2, 'Chapelle on the Hill Loches' on p. 3, 'Hotel Kitchen' and 'Hole in the hill' on p. 8 , 'Little Linen Shop' and 'Large - Market Place' on p. 12, 'Rue des Armes' on p. 20, 'Sabot Makers- (The-) Tours', 'St Germain' and 'Stables (Doorway. -) Loches' on p. 22. The surviving ones make up the 'Renaissance set', 1888 (K.368-402) (excat 9).

11.  Seven Dials
Seven Dials is in the East End of London.

12.  [p. 3]
The etchings listed below are: possibly The Barrow, Brussels (K.357), Canal, Ostend (K.353), Church, Brussels (K.356), Courtyard, Brussels (K.355), Chateau Verneuil (K.380), Chateau Bridorez (K.378), Clock-Tower, Amboise (K.394), Chateau Amboise (K.393), Under the Cathedral, Blois (K.397), Chancellerie, Loches (K.383),The Cock and the Pump (K.304), Cutler Street, Hounsditch (K.292), The White Tower (K.150), Chelsea Wharf (K.89), A Corner of the Palais Royale (K.248), Cottage Door (K.250), Portsmouth Children (K.323), possibly Cutler Street, Hounsditch (K.292), Chelsea Bridge and Church (K.95), possibly The Fish-Shop, Busy Chelsea (K.264), Charing Cross Railway Bridge (K.310), Little Court (K.236), possibly The Fur Cloak (K.332) or The Mantle (K.336).

13.  Colin Campbell Lady
Gertrude Elizabeth Campbell (1857-1911), née Blood, Lady Colin Campbell, writer, art critic and amateur artist [more]. The drypoint has not been identified.

14.  [p. 4]
The etchings listed below are: The Dam Wood (K.145), Dordrecht (K.242), Dry-Dock, Southampton (K.322), The Doorway (K.188), possibly A Sketch at Dieppe (K.246), The Two Doorways (K.193), Doorway, Sandwich (K.307), Dray-Horse, Paris (K.247), Doorway, Gray's Inn (K.300), Dipping the Flag (K.325), possibly Stables (K.225), Chapel Doorway, Montresor (K.395), possibly Market-Place, Loches (K.388), The Dyer (K.219), The Desk (K.133), The Dutchman Holding a Glass (K.4), The Dog in the Kennel (K.18), Drouet (K.55) and Drury Lane (K.237).

15.  dry point indication
Not identified.

16.  [p. 5]
The etchings listed below are: possibly Clothes-Exchange, No.1 (K.287), Clothes-Exchange, No.2 (K.288), En Plein Soleil (K.15a), Riault, the Engraver (K.65), Encamping (K.82) and Exeter Street (K.280).

17.  [p. 6]
The etchings listed below are: Furniture-Shop (K.266), The Fish-Shop, Busy Chelsea (K.264), Fanny Leyland (K.108), Fish-Shop, Venice (K.218), A Fragment of Piccadilly (K.256), The Fleet: Evening (K.326), Fleur De Lys Passage (K.289), Quai, Ostend (K.352), Fish-Market, Ostend (K.349), possibly Maude, Standing (K.114), possibly The Fur Cloak (K.332), The Forge (K.68), The Little Forge (K.147), possibly Fruitshop (K.259), Free Trade Wharf (K.163a), Fishing-Boats, Hastings (K.158), Fumette (K.13), Fumette, Standing (K.56), Fumette's Bent Head (K.57), Finette (K.58), Fosco (K.99), Fulham (K.182) and Flower-Market, Brussels (K.359).

18.  Maude
Mary Maud Franklin (1857- ca 1941), JW's model and mistress [more].

19.  Fumette
Eloise or Héloise ('Fumette'), a milliner or 'grisette' , JW's model and mistress [more].

20.  Finette
Finette, a can-can dancer [more].

21.  [p. 7]
The etchings listed below are: The Guitar Player (K.140), T.A.Nash's Fruit-Shop (K.263), Gold-House, Brussels (K.360), Grand Place, Brussels (K.362), Gypsy Baby (Greedy Baby) (K.339), Gateway, Chartreux (K.396), possibly The Little Nurse (K.302), possibly Seats, Gray's Inn (K.299) or Children, Gray's Inn (K.301), Babies, Gray's Inn (K.298), The Young Tree (K.296), Gray's Inn Place (K.297), Seats, Gray's Inn (K.299), Steps, Gray's Inn (K.295), Doorway, Gray's Inn (K.300), possibly Children, Gray's Inn (K.301), The Japanese Dress (K.337), Gretchen at Heidelberg (K.20), Greenwich Pensioner (K.34) and Greenwich Park (K.35).

22.  [p. 8]
The etchings listed below are: Fishing-Boats, Hastings (K.158), possibly Sketch of heads (K.104), possibly Windows, Bourges (K.400), High Street, Brussels (K.358), The Fur Cloak (K.332), Hotel de la Promenade, Loches (K.391), Hotel Lallement, Bourges (K.399), Hotel de Ville, Loches (K.384), possibly Sketch of heads (K.104), Fishing-Boats, Hastings (K.158), Hurlingham (K.181), The Little Hat (K.335), possibly Children, Gray's Inn (K.301), and House of the Swan, Brussels (K.363).

23.  Wedmore calls it the Beech
Wedmore, Sir Frederick, Whistler's Etchings: a Study and a Catalogue, London, 1886.

24.  Herbert
Probably Elizabeth, Mrs G. H. Herbert, an acquaintance of J. Birnie Philip. This is the sole indication that she posed to JW.

25.  High Street Kensington
Not identified.

26.  [p. 9]
The etchings listed below are: Irving as Philip of Spain, No.1 (K.170) or Irving as Philip of Spain, No.2 (K.171), and Islands (K.222).

27.  [p. 10]
The etchings listed below are: St. James's Street (K.169a), Nut-Shop, St.James's Place (K.291), Jo (K.77), Jubilee Place, Chelsea (K.274), St.James's Place, Houndsditch (K.290) and Justice Walk, Chelsea (K.275).

28.  [p. 11]
The etchings listed below are: King's Road, Chelsea (K.278) and The Kitchen (K.24a).

29.  [p. 12]
The etchings listed below are: Ryde Pier (K.328), The Little Pool (K.74), The Little Forge (K.147), Little Venice (K.183), The Little Mast (K.185), The Little Lagoon (K.186), possibly Seats, Gray's Inn (K.299), The Little Nurse (K.302), Little Market-Place, Tours (K.375), possibly Hotel Lallement, Bourges (K.399), Chelsea (Memorial) (K.331), Liverdun (K.16), La Rétameuse (K.14), Mère Gérard (K.11), La Mère Gérard, Stooping (K.12), Little Arthur (K.9), La Vieille aux Locques (K.21), La Marchande de Moutarde (K.22a), possibly Seymour, Seated (K.29), Limehouse (K.40), Longshormen (K.45), The Lime-burner (K.46), Landscape with the horse (K.36), Little Wapping (K.73), The Little Pool (K.74), F.R.Leyland (K.102), Fanny Leyland (K.108), Elinor Leyland (K.109), Florence Leyland (K.110), Maude, Seated (K.115), A Lady at a Window (K.138), Lindsey Houses (K.166), The Large Pool (K.174), possibly The Little Putney, No.1 (K.179a) or The Little Putney, No.2 (K.180), Little Maunder's (K.279) and Lobster Pots (K.235).

30.  Little Linen Shop
Not identified.

31.  Little Picnic - Lillie
Neither 'Little Picnic' (which appears here and on p. 18) nor 'Lillie' have been identified. The former might be from the 'East London Set' (K.283-302) (excat 18), possibly Steps, Gray's Inn (K.295). The latter might show Lillie Pamington, artists' model [more].

32.  [p. 14]
Possibly Little Maunder's (K.279), Melon-Shop, Hounsditch (K.293), Flower-Market, Brussels (K.359), Market-Place, Bruges (K.351), possibly Fish-Market, Ostend (K.349), Market-Women, Loches (K.386), Little Market-Place, Tours (K.375), Market-Place, Tours (K.374), Mairie, Loches (K.382), Market-Place, Loches (K.388), possibly Rag-Shop, Milman's Row (K.272), Merton Villa, Chelsea (K.277), The Menpes Children (K.261), Glass-Furnace, Murano (K.217), The Muff (K.113), The Music-Room (K.33), Mr.Mann (K.63), The Miser (K.69), Millbank (K.71), The Model Resting (K.100), The Model lying down (K.121), Marbles (K.284), and possibly Shaving and Shampooing (K.273).

33.  Trix
The etching is actually dedicated to Beatrix Whistler.

34.  Mann
Mr.Mann (K.63), is said to actually represent an artist, possibly Henry William Banks Davis (1833-1914), landscape and animal painter [more].

35.  [p. 16]
The etchings listed below are: 'Naval Review set', 1887 (K. 316-331) (excat 7): Portsmouth Children (K.323), Dipping the Flag (K.325), The Turret Ship (K.321), Monitors (K.318), Troop Ships (K.319), Bunting (K.324), Tilbury (K.317), Ryde Pier (K.328), The Fleet: Evening (K.326), Return to Tilbury (K.327), Dry-Dock, Southampton (K.322), Visitor's Boat (K.320), Nora Quinn (K.333), Notre Dame, Bourges (K.402), Nursemaid and Child (K.37).

36.  [p. 17]
The etchings listed below are: Old Women (K.224), Old Battersea Bridge (K.177), Fish-Market, Ostend (K.349), The Beach, Ostend (K.354), possibly Fish-Market, Ostend (K.349), Quai, Ostend (K.352), Old Battersea Bridge (K.177), Old Hungerford Bridge (K.76).

37.  [p. 18]
The etchings listed below are: possibly The Penny Boat (K.67), Price's Candle Works (K.154), Isle de la Cité, Paris (K.60), Passages de l'Opéra (K.418), A Corner of the Palais Royale (K.248), Rue de la Rochefoucault (K.419), Quai de Montebello (K.417), The Piazzetta (K.189), possibly Baby Pettigrew (K.341) Greenwich Park (K.35), A Fragment of Piccadilly (K.256), Portsmouth Children (K.323), Petticoat Lane (K.285), possibly The Rag Gatherers (K.23), Courtyard, Rue P.L.Courier (K.368), possibly The Palaces (K.187), Old Putney Bridge (K.178) and From Pickle-Herring Stairs (K.167).

38.  Pettigrew
Probably Bessie ('Hetty' or 'Harriet') Pettigrew (b. 1869), artists' model [more].

39.  [p. 19]
Quai de Montebello (K.417).

40.  [p. 20]
The etchings listed below are: Return to Tilbury (K.327), possibly Regent's Quadrant (K.239), Nocturne (K.184), Rag-Shop, Milman's Row (K.272) or Rag-Shop, St.Martin's Lane (K.282), Ramparts, Sandwich (K.309), Railway-Arch (K.268), possibly The Rag Gatherers (K.23), Resting by the Stove (K.338), Courtyard, Rue P.L.Courier (K.368), Renaissance Window, Loches (K.390), Rue des Bons Enfants, Tours (K.372), Reading a book (K.111), Railway-Station, Voves (K.371), possibly Sketching, No.2 (K.87), The Rag Gatherers (K.23), Reading by Lamplight (K.32), Reading in Bed (K.28), Rotherhithe (K.66), Ratcliffe Highway (K.80), Ross Winans (K.88), Resting (K.119) and Rochester Row (K.269).

41.  [p. 22]
The etchings listed below are: The Smithy (K.240), Rag-Shop, Milman's Row (K.272), Nocturne: Shipping (K.223), possibly A Child on a Couch, No.1 (K.124) or A Child on a Couch, No.2 (K.125), Stables (K.225), Steps, Gray's Inn (K.295), The Seamstress (K.252), Village Sweet-shop (K.251), Seats, Gray's Inn (K.299), Salvation Army, Sandwich (K.305), Savoy Scaffolding (K.267), Reading a book (K.111), Tour St.Antoine, Loches (K.392), possibly The Wine Shop (K.370) or Marchand de Vin (K.421), From Agnes Sorrel's Walk (K.385), Little Smithfield (K.160), Nocturne: Salute (K.226), possibly A Sketch on the Embankment (K.260), The Scotch Widow (K.142), Two Ships (K.148), Speke Shore (K.144), Shipbuilder's Yard (K.146), Sketch of Ships (K.151), Street at Saverne (K.19), possibly Seymour, Standing (K.6) or Seymour, Seated (K.29) or Arthur Haden (K.61), Soupe à trois sous (K.49), The Penny Boat (K.67), possibly Sketching, No.1 (K.86a) or Sketching, No.2 (K.87), The Storm (K.81), Shipping at Liverpool (K.94), possibly Speke Hall, No.1 (K.96) or Speke Hall, No.2 (K.143), 'The Swan', Chelsea (K.98a), Seated Girl (K.118), Two sketches (K.122), Swinburne (K.136), possibly Nude Girl, Reclining (K.126), Steamboats off the Tower (K.149) and Shaving and Shampooing (K.273).

42.  D Oyly Carte
Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901), impresario and property developer [more], who was proprietor of the Savoy Hotel, then under construction, which was the subject of the etching.

43.  [p. 24]
The etchings listed below are: Tilbury (K.317), The Traghetto, No.1 (K.190) or The Traghetto, No.2 (K.191), The Young Tree (K.296), The Towing-Path (K.254), possibly Trees in a Park (K.2) or Seymour Standing under a tree (K.31), Clock-Tower, Amboise (K.394), Tour St.Antoine, Loches (K.392), possibly Hangman's House, Tours (K.376), Temple Bar (K.162), Tillie: a model (K.117), Whistler Sketching (K.25a), Thames Warehouses (K.38), Eagle Wharf (K.41), The Pool (K.43), Thames Police (K.44), The Tiny Pool (K.173), Tatting (K.112), The Piano (K.141), The Thames towards Erith (K.165) and Temple (K.234).

44.  [p. 25]
The etchings listed below are: possibly Seymour Standing under a tree (K.31), and Unsafe Tenement (K.17).

45.  [p. 26]
The etchings listed below are: Chateau Verneuil (K.380), Venus (K.59), Vauxhall Bridge (K.70), The Velvet Dress (K.105) and The Little Velvet Dress (K.106). These are followed by Mr Whistler's Etchings of Venice, 1880 (the first 'Venice Set') (K. 183-189, 191-195). (excat 5) : Little Venice (K.183), Nocturne (K.184), The Little Mast (K.185), The Little Lagoon (K.186), The Palaces (K.187), The Doorway (K.188), The Piazzetta (K.189), The Traghetto, No.2 (K.191), The Riva, No.1 (K.192), The Two Doorways (K.193), The Beggars (K.194) and The Mast (K.195). These are followed by A Set of twenty-six etchings of Venice, 1886 (the second 'Venice set') (K.196-216, 233-237). (excat 6): Doorway and Vine (K.196), Wheelwright (K.233), San Biagio (K.197), Bead-Stringers (K.198), Turkeys (K.199), Fruit-Stall (K.200), San Giorgio (K.201), Nocturne: Palaces (K.202), Long Lagoon (K.203), The Bridge (K.204), Upright Venice (K.205), The Riva, No.2 (K.206), The Balcony (K.207), Fishing-Boat (K.208), Ponte del Piovan (K.209), Garden (K.210), The Rialto (K.211), Long Venice (K.212), Nocturne: Furnace (K.213), Quiet Canal (K.214), La Salute: Dawn (K.215) and Lagoon: Noon (K.216). The remainder of the Venetian subjects were not published: Glass-Furnace, Murano (K.217), Fish-Shop, Venice (K.218), The Dyer (K.219), Little Salute (K.220), Wool-Carders (K.221), Islands (K.222), Nocturne: Shipping (K.223), Nocturne: Salute (K.226), Old Women (K.224) and Stables (K.225).

46.  [p. 28]
The etchings listed below are: Wool-Carders (K.221), Hansom Cab (Wimpole Street) (K.286), Windsor (Memorial) (K.329), Windsor, No.2 (K.330), Weary (K.92), Wild West, Buffalo Bill (K.313), Wild West (K.314), The Bucking Horse (K.315), Woods's Fruit-Shop (K.265), The Wine Shop (K.370), Windows opposite hotel, Bourges (K.401), Whistler with the white lock (K.172), Wych Street (K.159), Early Portrait of Whistler (K.7), The Wine Glass (K.27), A Wharf (K.48), Portrait of Whistler (K.54), Westminster Bridge in Progress (K.72), Whistler's Mother (K.97), Lord Wolseley (K.164) and Free Trade Wharf (K.163a).

47.  [p. 30]
York Street, Westminster (K.270).