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System Number: 12066
Date: [6 November 1878][1]
Author: James Anderson Rose[2]
Place: London
Recipient: Walker Martineau and Company[3]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC
Document Type: MsDd



J. Anderson Rose
11 Salisbury St.

[p. 2] Whistler v Ruskin

[on right:] Deft's Solicitors apply to inspect all the Pictures exhibited by Mr Whistler at the Summer Exhibition (1877) of the Grosvenor Gallery - and to know which pictures were in Mr Whistler's own possession and which in the possession of other Owners - I declined to give the information as I did not consider the application a matter of courtesy but a question of law - and I told Messrs. Walker & Co (Def[endan]ts Sol[icito]rs) that they must apply in the usual way to get such Order as they might be entitled to. I however have procured the particulars of [p. 3] such Pictures for use.

Mr Whistler contends that in any event the Deft is only entitled to an Account of the first 4 pictures Nos 1. 2. 3 & 4 in Walkers letter of 28 Oct 1878 & this is to some extent borne out by the fact that Walker & Co in their first letter of the 26th Octr 1878 only applied for the particulars of 4 Pictures. Mr Whistler says that only the first 4 Pictures were the subject of the libel for No. 1 Mr Whistler asked 200 Guineas & that was the only Picture having a price affixed to it in the Price Book at the Gallery & it is from the price of this picture [p. 4] No. 1 that Mr Ruskin ascertained to be the price 200 Guineas which he mentions in the libel

No. 1 was for sale at that price and is now unsold and in Mr Whistler's hands & Nos 2. 3 & 4 were sold at that price and are now in the hands of the Purchasers Graham - Percy Wyndham & Leyland -

No. 5 Irving's Portrait was not for Sale & Nos 6 & 7 were not priced or for sale

[p. 2, on left:] 1.  Nocturne in Black and Gold[5]

This Picture was unsold and was marked in the Sale Catalogue 200 Guineas - It was the only one the price of which was marked in the Sale Catalogue -

It is now in a sort of pledge at Mrs Nosedas & she would no doubt probably produce it or allow it to be produced at the trial or previously on proper application to her.

[p. 3, on left:] No. 2
2. Nocturne in Blue and Silver

No. 2.  Is now the property of & in the hands of Mr Graham who gave Mr Whistler 200 guineas for it.
Mr Grahams address is [left blank]

[p. 4, on left:] No. 3
3. Nocturne in Blue and Gold

No. 3. Is the property of & in the hands of Mr Percy Wyndham who gave Mr Whistler 200 guineas for it
Mr Percy Wyndham's address is [left blank]

[p. 5] No. 4
4. Nocturne in Blue and Silver

No. 4 - Is the property and in the hands of Mr Leyland who purchased it from Mr Whistler at the price of 200 guineas
Mr Leylands address is [left blank]

[p. 6] No. 5
5. Arrangement in Black No. 3
Irving as Philip II of Spain

No. 5 - was not priced & was not for sale[,] Was not finished & is now in the hands of Mr Whistler

[p. 7] No. 6
6. Harmony in Amber and Black

No. 6 destroyed by Mr Whistler since the Exhibition

[p. 8] No. 7
7. Arrangement in Brown

No. 7. This Picture was not priced or for sale at the Exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery - It is now in the hands of Mrs Noseda in pledge for advances but no doubt she would allow inspection & produce or allow the Picture to be produced at the trial

[p. 9] '96'


J. Anderson Rose
11 Salisbury St.

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1.  [6 November 1878]
This is one of several drafts (#11950, #08966, #12065 and #12066) of a document dated 6 November 1878 (see #13279 for full annotations).

2.  James Anderson Rose
This document came with JW's legal papers to James Anderson Rose (1819-1890), solicitor [more].

3.  Walker Martineau and Company
Solicitors representing John Ruskin (1819-1900), critic, social reformer and artist [more]. The case of Whistler v. Ruskin was heard at the Queen's Bench of the High Court on 25-26 November 1878.

4.  96
Written in another hand, in a circle. Documents kept by Rose were numbered according to the case or aspect of a case.

5.  1. Nocturne in Black and Gold
In the subsequent list, the first number and titles are written in another hand, in neat small writing, and the response to the interrogation in the usual larger script of Rose or his clerk.