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System Number: 11717
Date: [15 August/10 September 1893][1]
Author: JW
Place: Perros Guirec, Côtes du Nord
Recipient: Max Williams[2]
Place: Paris
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 19/1874-6
Document Type: MsL[3]

Chez Monsieur Lucas[4]
au bourg Perros Guirec
Cotes du Nord

Dear Mr Williams.

Your note[5] has been sent on to me here[.] Why did you not ask for the at 72 rue duc [sic] du Bac They would have given you my address and you would not have had the trouble of any back & forth to the Studio in this [illegible] [illegible] heat weathe[r]

How are you yourself - I have hope not an i[n]valid again as when you left.

And what news have you for me. Have you sold the little [p. 2] water colour drawing of the nocturne fire wheel[6]. - Have you sold the original? We came down here to paint sea pieces, and have been anable [sic] to look at the sea for three weeks it has been nearly one incessant glare with a cloudless sky of mickel [sic]. But Fit only for only [sic] for [sic] a tourist and the painter isnt in it - How long are you going to be in Paris, If you write to [me] tomorrow without fail I shall get your[s] otherwise we may have moved (p. 3) on. In which case I should telegraph our next address, but write a note at once for I find I like news more than you now that I am in the Country - And we shall be back in Paris in a week or so. Anyhow perhaps before

With best wishes

J McN Whistler

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1.  [15 August/10 September 1893]
Dated from address.

2.  Max Williams
Max Williams (d. 1928), New York dealer [more].

3.  MsL
This letter is not in JW's hand and some turns of phrase do not sound like him, and there are far more mis-spellings than usual. It may be a copy, but if so, the alterations are difficult to understand. It is perhaps possible that the letter was written by dictation, with a native French speaker writing (hence the spelling errors). The contents of the letter do appear to relate to JW and his known work of the time.

4.  Lucas
Lucas, probably proprietor of a hotel in Perros-Guirec.

5.  note
Not located.

6.  Nocturne Fire Wheel
Copy of 'Nocturne: Black and Gold - The Fire Wheel' (M.1359), a copy of Nocturne: Black and Gold - The Fire Wheel (YMSM 169).