The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 09694
Date: 20 October 1892
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Halsey Cooley Ives[1]
Place: [Chicago]
Repository: New York Public Library
Call Number: E. G. Kennedy I/29
Credit Line: Edward Guthrie Kennedy Papers / Manuscripts and Archives Division / The New York Public Library / Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations
Document Type: MsLS[2]


110. Rue de Bac. Paris

Oct. 20. 1892

Dear Sir -

I have been much absent from town, and it is only on my return to Paris that I find your most courteous and very kind letter[3] -

It has been a source of regret to me that I had not the pleasure of seeing you at the time of your visit to Europe - and I can quite understand the mistaken opinion that was urged upon you by the English authorities, between whom and myself a correspondence which you may have seen has done away with any doubts they might have entertained upon that subject -

I am greatly interested in the Chicago Exposition[4], and most anxious to be well represented there. Also I have talked the matter over with Mr Kennedy[5] of Messrs Wunderlich[6]. 868 Broadway - New-York - and he has kindly undertaken to receive all works for me, and to attend to all details of collecting - arranging, etc.

I have written to him advising him of your official letter and begging him [p. 2] to address himself to you —–

I trust that I may be enabled to bring together a sufficient number of paintings, though the difficulties in borrowing in England are many very great. - on the other hand I am assured that in the way of etchings, I shall have really quite a large collection, thanks to the amiable cooperation of American collectors.

I beg to thank you for your most graceful offer of assistence [sic] - whose flattering spontaneity - - so strongly in contrast to the official attitude in London - I fully appreciate

And, I am -
Dear Sir
Very faithfully Yours

J McNeill Whistler

Halsey C Ives Esq.
etc - etc - etc

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E. G. Kennedy Esq
868 Broadway
N York
U. S A -
'1892 / J. McN. Whistler / Paris Oct. 26th'
[red seal]
[postmark:] PARIS R. DU VIEUX COLOMBIER / 7E 26 / OCT / 92
[postmark on verso:] P.O.N.Y / PAID ALL / D / 11-7-92 / 5-1


1.  Halsey Cooley Ives
Halsey Cooley Ives (1847-1911), painter [more]; he was chief of the Fine Arts Department of the World's Columbian Exhibition Corporation. See also other correspondence #02705; #09247; #09701.

2.  MsLS
Written by Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more], and signed by JW. It is possible this was a copy, or that it was intended to be forwarded to Ives. The note on the envelope, '1892 ... 26th', was written by Kennedy at right angles to the address.

3.  letter

4.  Chicago Exposition
World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1893.

5.  Mr Kennedy
Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932), dealer with H. Wunderlich and Co., New York [more]. See JW's letter to Kennedy, #09699.

6.  Wunderlich
Hermann Wunderlich (ca 1839 - d.1892), print dealer [more].