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System Number: 09232
Date: [10/20 May 1894?][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Dugal McCorkindale[2]
Place: Paris
Repository: Private Collection
Document Type: ALS

110. Rue du Bac - Paris -

Dear Mr McCorkindale -

I am having your little picture[3] packed and sent on to Glendermott Rothesay - as you wished -

The price [is] 120 Guineas -

It is very nice [of] you to say that I may [p. 2] have it again for exhibition when I [wish?] one of these days I ask you -

Very often on such occasions, seeing again after absence the picture with a fresh eye I put a new touch or two upon them by which they gain - This might happen with those other works of which you [were] talking yesterday -

If at all possible I shall come over with my wife this afternoon to see the famous Greco[4] -

With kindest regards to yourself & Mr Lawson[5]
Very faithfully

J McN Whistler

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Monsieur McCorkindale
Hotel de Normandie
7. Rue de l'Echelle.


1.  [10/20 May 1894?]
This letter may precede one to McCorkindale dated 24 May 1894, #09228.

2.  Dugal McCorkindale
Dugal, Dugald or Duncan McCorkindale, ironfounder and collector [more].

3.  picture
Study: Woman and child (M.1286).

4.  Greco
Domenico Theotokopuli 'El Greco' (1541-1614), painter. The painting was The Adoration of the Shepherds, of about 1610. JW's strong interest in Spanish art dates back to his first years in Paris; from the 1860s on, his work was associated with the portrait tradition of Velasquez. However, this is the only time that he is known to have mentioned the work of El Greco. The provenance of this painting is recorded as: Don Alfonso de Silva Fernandez de Hijar y Campbell, 15th Duke of Hijar; Don Luis de Navas, Madrid, until 1895; from 1895, E. Kerr-Lawson, Scotland; by 1899-1903, Dugal McCorkindale, Carfin Hall, Lanarkshire; sold at auction, his sale, Morrison & Co., London, 6 November 1903 (lot 64) as the Nativity; Eugene Glaenzer of New York by 1904-05; bought for the Metropolitan Museum in 1905 (05.42) (see Camón-Aznar, J., Dominico Greco, Madrid, 1950, vol. 2, p. 1359, where the owners' names are given as 'D. Mec-Korkindale Escoscia' and 'T. Kete-Lawson'; Metropolitan Museum of Art on-line catalogue

5.   Mr Lawson
E. Kerr-Lawson, writer and collector [more]; he is also mentioned in #09228.