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System Number: 08776
Date: [February/April 1879][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: James Anderson Rose[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC
Document Type: ALS


Dear Rose -

I have had an awful time of it and couldn't get down to you last night - Here are 23. 9. 8 for Webb[4] - and do say in your letter[5] that I am very sorry to have kept them - that it was no fault of mine - and that I shall always pay them without their taking any law measures wh. only involve expense[.] I trust they will spare me -

Also behold 52. 16. 6. [p. 2] for Messrs. Dod & Longstaff[6] [sic] - on account of Herrman[7] - I enclose letter[8] from Herrman for authority -

Tell Messrs. Dod that they shall have the expenses paid next week - arrange the matter with them - and I will give the required acceptance[9] if they make it out - and send it back to you[.] I will call tomorrow morning at 10. o'clock in Salisbury Street[10] and sign it and then they can give you back my £100 acceptance -

Low[11] has a man in here for the 10. 14. 6 - I have been obliged to pay that this morning and got him out -

I must see Morrison[12] and manage -

I have no more money now but hope for some next week -

Can you not come down on that scoundrel Ash[13]? Do find out from Low where he lives - through the furniture people -

I have not paid the rates[14] yet - hoped to do so out of this money but was prevented by men in possession[15] - I send them enclosed [p. 3] seventy six pounds ten shillings - all I have -

23. 9. 8. } - Webb -
52.16.6. } - Hermann - Dod & Longstaff -
76. 6. 2.
76.10.0.      total sent   '49[16]'

Ever yours in trouble

J A McN. Whistler

29. 9. 6
47. 0. 6

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1.  [February/April 1879]
Dated from L. Herrman to Dod & Longstaffe, #08877.

2.   James Anderson Rose
James Anderson Rose (1819-1890), solicitor [more].

Address is embossed on page.

4.  Webb
This could be George Webb (b. ca 1835), of G. and W. Webb. lawyer [more], or William Webb (b. ca 1851), of G. and W. Webb, lawyer [more]. In February 1878, the Webb firm negotiated the ground lease of JW's new studio house, the White House, with the London Metropolitan Board of Works, on his behalf.

5.  letter
Letter untraced.

6.  Dod & Longstaff
Dod & Longstaffe, solicitors for Louis Herrman (see note below).

7.  Herrman
Louis Herrman (b. 1810 or 1811), of Gilby and Herrman, artists' suppliers, later a picture dealer [more].

8.  enclose letter
Probably L. Herrman to Dod & Longstaffe, #08877.

9.  acceptance
A formal agreement made by a debtor to pay a debt.

10.  Salisbury Street
J. A. Rose's office was at 11, Salisbury Street, Strand.

11.  Low
Robert Low (b. ca 1837), of Robert and J. E. Low, house agents and surveyors [more]. JW received a bill for £6. 9. 0 from Low on 20 December 1878 (#08932)

12.  Morrison
Hargrave Morrison (b. 1817), oil and colour merchant [more].

13.  Ash
Major Walter Ashe (b. ca 1842), army officer and writer [more].

14.  rates
On 7 May 1879, JW still owed parochial rates of 24. 10. 8 according to his official bankruptcy papers (see #11711).

15.  men in possession
Probably a reference to bailiffs.

16.  '49'
Written in another hand, probably by J. A. Rose.

17.  76. 10. 0 ... 47. 0. 6
Written in pencil in another hand.