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System Number: 08684
Date: [March/October 1886?][1]
Author: Walter Dowdeswell[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Rare Books and Manuscripts Division
Document Type: AD

2 Doorway[3] & Vine
2 Wheelwright
2 San Biagio
  Bead Stringers
2 Turkeys
2 Fruit Stall
  San Giorgio
  Nocturne Palaces
2 Long Lagoon
2 The Bridge
2 Upright Venice
2 Little Court
2 Lobster Pots
2 Riva No 2
  Drury Lane
2 The Balcony
1 Fishing Boat
2 Ponte Piovan
1 The Rialto
  Long Venice
  Furnace Nocturne
2 Quiet Canal
21 Salute Dawn
2 Lagoon. Noon.

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1.  [March/October 1886?]
Dated from Venice etchings. Printing of The Rialto (K.211) and Little Court (K.236) was completed by 6 October 1886 when both plates were cancelled (see MacDonald, Margaret F., Palaces in the Night Whistler in Venice, Aldershot, 2001, p. 122).

2.  Walter Dowdeswell
Walter Dowdeswell (1858-1929), art dealer [more]. This list relates to the printing of etchings from A Set of twenty-six etchings of Venice, 1886 (the second 'Venice set') (K.196-216, 233-237). (excat 6). The set was issued as a speculative venture by Dowdeswell & Dowdeswell, together with another dealer, A W Thibeaudau. The first proofs were delivered on 2 April 1886. Lists, receipts and accounts document the printing process, including #00859, #08680, #08681; #08721, #08706, #08701.

3.  Doorway
Doorway and Vine (K.196); Wheelwright (K.233); San Biagio (K.197); Bead-Stringers (K.198); Turkeys (K.199); Fruit-Stall (K.200); San Giorgio (K.201); Nocturne: Palaces (K.202); Long Lagoon (K.203); Temple (K.234); The Bridge (K.204); Upright Venice (K.205); Little Court (K.236); Lobster Pots (K.235); The Riva, No.2 (K.206); Drury Lane (K.237); The Balcony (K.207); Fishing-Boat (K.208); Ponte del Piovan (K.209); Garden (K.210); The Rialto (K.211); Long Venice (K.212); Nocturne: Furnace (K.213); Quiet Canal (K.214); La Salute: Dawn (K.215); Lagoon: Noon (K.216).