The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 08626
Date: [March/December 1886?][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Walter Dowdeswell[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Rare Books and Manuscripts Division
Document Type: ALS


[butterfly signature]

My dear Walter -

I don't think much of the cheap looking paper[3] you send - Nothing seems as yet to compare with the first specimen you found - and if it be not really too stiff to use I would stick to [p. 2] that - I did not send the proofs today because I have not as yet signed them - indeed I don't well know how I can sign them all for tomorrow - however I will do as many as I can - and you may carry them away with you - Probably next week I shall be able to devote myself to 133 -

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1.  [March/December 1886?]
Dated from reference to the printing of etchings. The last plates were cancelled in July 1887.

2.  Walter Dowdeswell
Walter Dowdeswell (1858-1929), art dealer [more]. This relates to the printing of etchings from A Set of twenty-six etchings of Venice, 1886 (the second 'Venice set') (K.196-216, 233-237). (excat 6). The set was issued as a speculative venture by Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell, together with Alphonse Wyatt Thibeaudau (ca 1840 - d.1892), print dealer [more]. The first proofs were delivered on 2 April 1886. Lists, receipts and accounts document the printing process, including #00859, #08680, #08681; #08721, #08706.

3.  paper
JW used a variety of paper, including sheets of old watermarked laid paper from books for printing the edition (see MacDonald, Margaret F., Palaces in the Night Whistler in Venice, Aldershot, 2001, p. 84). He also used Japanese papers, both laid and wove, of varying thickness and colour which provided a colour and glossy texture which he admired. In the second 'Venice Set,' Nocturne: Palaces (K.202) was printed on paper with a Fleur de lys 'VGL' watermark. Ponte del Piovan (K.209) was printed on Japanese paper.