The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 08453
Date: [1/14 March 1892?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: David Croal Thomson[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC
Document Type: AD


Smalley - for Friday -

Gallery for Sunday -

Tickets - French Embassy, German Embassy

Russian Embassy -

Gov. New - Mr M'Cormick[3] -

Hanson[4]- Johnson[5], Henri Rochefort[6] -.


Speak about Joyant[8] -

Send men to Grau[9] for frame - stop at Cheyne Walk -

Glass for Mrs Coronio[10] - and send on to Richards[11] -

Send at once to Morgan[12] for official list -


Tickets - Whistler[14] - 17. Wimpole - 2 - 3.

Manuel[15]. 5 Aubrey Rd -



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1.  [1/14 March 1892?]
This note relates to preparations for JW's one-man exhibition, Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet Pieces, Boussod, Valadon & Cie, Goupil Gallery, London, 1892. It is probably a guest list for the Private View on 19 March 1892.

2.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

3.  Hanson
Charles James Whistler Hanson (1870-1935), engineer, son of JW and Louisa Fanny Hanson [more].

4.  M'Cormick
Robert Sanderson McCormick (1849-1919), diplomat and politician [more].

5.  Johnson
Possibly John Graver Johnson (1841-1917), lawyer and collector [more].

6.  Henri Rochefort
Henri Rochefort (1831-1913), journalist, writer and politician [more].

7.  Roussel
Theodore Roussel (1847-1926), painter and print-maker [more].

8.  Joyant
Maurice Joyant (1864-1930), art dealer, manager of Boussod, Valadon et Cie [more].

9.  Grau
Frederick H. Grau (d. 1894/1895), picture framer [more].

10.  Mrs Coronio
Aglaia Coronio (1834-1906), née Ionides, wife of George Coronio [more].

11.  Richards
Stephen Richards (b. ca 1845), picture restorer [more].

12.  Morgan
Henry E. Morgan (b. ca 1851), employee of Thomas Way, lithographic printer [more].

13.  Way
Thomas Way (1837-1915), lithographic printer [more].

14.  Whistler
William McNeill Whistler (1836-1900), physician, JW's brother [more].

15.  Manuel
Stephen Manuel (1880-1954), civil servant, JW's nephew [more].

16.  3
The remaining numbers were added in another hand.