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System Number: 08378
Date: [11 October 1895][1]
Author: JW
Place: Lyme Regis
Recipient: David Croal Thomson[2]
Place: London
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 18/1596
Document Type: ALS[3]

Royal Lion. Lyme Regis
Dorset -

Dear Mr. Thomson -

I have a little picture for Bailie Cochrane[4] - of Glasgow - but I dont remember his address - nor his proper name and title -

Would you send it to me? - tomorrow -

He was one of the Committee of the Glasgow Galleries who purchased the Carlyle[5] -

[p. 2] Should I address the envelope when I write to him: Bailie Cochrane?

I promised long ago to paint him something - and I am just thinking that perhaps this might please him -

However I am sending it on to Richards[6] first to varnish - and I might let you have a peep at it - It is a little panel - a pretty little sea piece[7] -

If you like to make an offer for it - since you do make offers - you might perhaps have it and I could do something else for the Bailie -

Go and see my "Crimson Note[8]" at the New Gallery -

We may do business yet!

That Cottage[9] you know is worth a jolly [p. 3] little sum - and will be worth more! -

They will buy it like a shot in America!

So they will that head -

[butterfly signature]


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D. C. Thomson Esq.
Goupil Galleries
5. Regent Street
[postmark:] LYME·REGIS / D / OC11 / 95
[postmark on verso:] LONDON. S.W. / 13 / [...] 15AM / OC 12 / 95


1.  11 October 1895
Dated from the postmark.

2.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

3.  ALS
'53C' is written in another hand in red ink at the top left, and '152' in pencil at the bottom right of p. 1, and also on the envelope.

4.  Bailie Cochrane
He meant Robert Crawford (1845-1915), of Burns, Crawford and Co. [more]; see his letter to JW, 2 May 1891, #00760.

5.  Carlyle
Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 2: Portrait of Thomas Carlyle (YMSM 137), bought by Glasgow Corporation in 1891.

6.  Richards
Stephen Richards (b. ca 1845), picture restorer [more].

7.  sea piece
Not identified.

8.  Crimson Note
Crimson note: Carmen (YMSM 441), on show at the 5th Exhibition, Society of Portrait Painters, London, 1895.

9.  Cottage
Green and Silver: The Devonshire Cottages (YMSM 266); see JW's previous letter to D. C. Thomson, [10 October 1895], #08373.