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System Number: 08202
Date: 1 May [1892]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: David Croal Thomson[1]
Place: [London]
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 3
Document Type: ALS[2]

2 MAY 92

33. Rue de Tournon. Paris

Dear Sir -

Chapman[3]. I sent you yesterday afternoon a telegram telling you to send immediately the "Snow Nocturne[4]" and the "Blue Wave[5]" - of course I meant the "Bognor[6]" - not the Blue Wave -

There has been some terrible misunderstanding - Mr Chapman certainly told me here more than a week ago that he had no objection to his pictures going either to Paris or to Munich - Therefore And I really believed that the two I required for the Champs de Mars[7], were already here - I only knew yesterday afternoon of their absence - If you have had other orders from Mr. Chapman it is most detestable and inexcusable on his part - for I had already completely compl committed myself to the authorities here - and the titles of the pictures are in the Catalogue! - Now if you can send them still by simply paying the insurance, you had better get them off tomorrow morning by grande vitesse - If however Mr Chapman has bound the house in some other impossible way, then you pack up my own "Nocturne Black & Gold the Fire Wheel[8]" and get it off in the morning - Could it not cross by the Club Train? - In any case wire what you do the first thing -

Whatever it is let there not be a moment lost - and whatever you send had better go direct to 19. Boulevard Montmartre, so that Monsieur Joyant[9] will see to its immediate transfer to the Champs de Mars -

Very faithfully Yours

J. McN. Whistler.

Sunday - 1. May.

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1.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more].

2.  ALS
'27B' was written at the top of p.1 in another hand.

3.  Chapman
Alfred Chapman (1839-1917), engineer and collector [more].

4.  Snow Nocturne
Nocturne: Grey and Gold - Chelsea Snow (YMSM 174) was listed in the catalogue for Paris.

5.  Blue Wave
Blue and Silver: Blue Wave, Biarritz (YMSM 41).

6.  Bognor
Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Bognor (YMSM 100) was listed in the catalogue for Paris.

7.  Champs de Mars
2nd Exhibition, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1892.

8.  Fire Wheel
Nocturne: Black and Gold - The Fire Wheel (YMSM 169) was exhibited at the Société Nationale, ex catalogue.

9.  Monsieur Joyant
Maurice Joyant (1864-1930), art dealer, manager of Boussod, Valadon et Cie [more].