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System Number: 08169
Date: [2 September 1894][1]
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: Thomas Way[2]
Place: London
Repository: Library of Congress
Call Number: Manuscript Division, Pennell-Whistler Collection, PWC 3/27/12
Document Type: ALS[3]

110. Rue du Bac. Paris.


My dear Way -

I do hope you have my little Forge[4] all right by this time - and I have every belief in your making it turn out as I long to see it! -

Now I send you tonight one on your favorite paper[5] - for my new paper had not as yet been made

This new drawing we will call for the present the Smithy of the Passage[6] -

The last drawing of the Priests house Rouen[7], [p. 2] of which I received the proofs this morning, is, as far as you are concerned, excellent, but as for me, I think but slightly of it - It is really not up to the mark - and for the moment we will put it aside - Don't print any more of it until our lunch at Simpsons[8]!

But the others we can go on with - the sets of 25 - I do want them! - This paper (Dutch) I am sending you lately is simply the most beautiful possible - and the proofs upon it will be lovely

Dont you like the seated figure? I call it "The Lady Paresseuse[9]"

[p. 3] The one in the garden is "La belle Jardinière[10]" - tell Tom[11] - for his Catalogue - The two in the garden - the Sisters, I call now "Confidences in the Garden[12]". The little "Rue de Furstenberg[13]" mind is a great favorite of mine.

I have a whole lot half finished that will be coming directly - And now I have just received the new paper[14]! So do solve that problem - and then everything will begin! for as yet I have done nothing to compare to what will come if we master the material - And I have great plans - and one of them you will be delighted [p. 4] with, when you hear it - for it concerns London! - However for the moment mystery is the order of the day - to be followed by wealth - and a new era in lithography!

with kindest messages to all

[butterfly signature]

Do write a line to say it is all right.

This document is protected by copyright.


Thomas Way Esq.
21. Wellington Street
[postmark:] PARIS - 26 / GARE DU NORD / 2 / SEPT / 94
[postmark on verso:] LONDON W. C. / S. M. P. / BA / SP 3 / 94

'La Dame paresseuse[15]
The idle Lady.'


1.  [2 September 1894]
Dated from postmark.

2.  Thomas Way
Thomas Robert Way (1861-1913), printer, lithographer and painter [more].

3.  ALS
Published by Spink, Nesta R., The Lithographs of James McNeill Whistler, gen. eds Harriet K. Stratis and Martha Tedeschi, Chicago, 1998, vol. 2, no. 116, pp. 117-18.

4.  Forge
The Forge, Passage du Dragon (C.102) had been sent to Way on 22 August.

5.  favorite paper
Thomas Way's favorite transfer paper was the one JW used for La Belle Jardinière (C.101), and according to JW the same paper was used for La Jolie New Yorkaise (C.99) (see JW to Way, 29 August, 14 and 23 September 1894, #09544, #08165, #07423; see Spink 1998, op. cit, p. 109).

6.  Smithy of the Passage
The Smith, Passage du Dragon (C.103). This was also probably drawn on Way's favorite paper.

7.  Priests house Rouen
The Priest's House, Rouen (C.105).

8.  Simpsons
Simpson's in the Strand was apparently a favourite restaurant for JW and Way.

9.  Lady Paresseuse
La Belle Dame paresseuse (C.98).

10.  belle Jardinière
La Belle Jardinière (C.101).

11.  Tom
Thomas Robert Way (1861-1913), printer, lithographer and painter [more].

12.  Confidences in the Garden
Confidences in the Garden (C.100).

13.  Rue de Furstenberg
Rue Furstenburg (C.97).

14.  new paper
The new paper was made by Lemercier. On 14 September 1894, JW referred to newer stuff he had just received (JW to T. Way, #08165). Lemercier published a recipe and detailed description for making transfer paper (see Lemercier, Alfred, La Lithographie française de 1796-1896, Paris, 1896-98, pp. 32-35).

15.  Dame paresseuse
La Belle Dame paresseuse (C.98); written in another hand.