The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 07246
Date: 29 January 1895
Author: Edward Guthrie Kennedy[1]
Place: New York
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W1234
Document Type: ALS



[scroll:] H. WUNDERLICH & CO.
H W & CO.
868 B'WAY N- Y-

Jan 29 1895.

Dear Mr Whistler,

Do you remember, some time ago, that I spoke to you about a young man who wished to know you, but did not want to be patronized? His name is Patton[3], and he "scooped up" the belle (so I heard) of the American Colony - married her, in short - and is now in London. Judge of my surprise some time ago (about two months), to receive from him a letter asking if I would like an exhibition of Whistlers! I said that I would like it very much, & he writes that he is now on the way to Paris &c, &c. He is an admirer of yours of course, & a good fellow from all I hear. He used to have a great deal of work [p. 2][4] done here, in days gone by, for Harper's people by whom he was employed then. When I replied to his letter asking me if I would like an exhibition of Whistlers, I wrote as I have told you, & the whole thing passed from my mind until I got a letter from him yesterday. I wondered what "pull" he had with you, to get an exhibition, when I had failed, notwithstanding guarantees of sales of a certain amount, special - nay eloquent pleadings - &c. &c..

"The White Girl"[5] is for sale, but I have not heard the price asked. I am under the impression that $15,000 is demanded, but what would be accepted by the owner[6] is another matter.

No one here takes the amount seriously as far as I can learn. When you [p. 3] print the "Doorway[7]" will you select the six richest impressions if you please? If there is anything I can do for you before I leave for Europe in April, let me know. Nothing has been heard of the lithographs[8] you promised to send some time ago nor has a receipt come for the cheque. I must close now to catch the mail.

With best regards, I am,
Yours very truly;

E. G. Kennedy.

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1.  Edward Guthrie Kennedy
Edward Guthrie Kennedy (1849-1932), dealer with H. Wunderlich and Co., New York [more].

G. Dieterlen, employee at H. Wunderlich and Co., New York.

3.  Patton
Patton, a protegé of the publisher C. W. McIlvaine. He did not succeed in organising an exhibition. See JW's reply to Kennedy, [22 February 1895], #09723.

4.  [p. 2]
The printed address header is repeated at the top of page two, as on page one.

5.  The White Girl
Symphony in White, No. I: The White Girl (YMSM 38).

6.  owner
Thomas Delano Whistler (1857-1921), engineer, JW's nephew [more].

7.  Doorway
The Doorway (K.188).

8.  lithographs
See letter from D. A. Kennedy, 18 January 1895, #07245.