The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 06813
Date: [January/May 1890?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: William Heinemann[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W802
Document Type: ALdS

On Saturday, the 8 July, 1573, Master Paul Caliari[3], of Verona, a painter, residing in the parish of St Samuel, was brought before the Sacred Tribunal;
... being asked his profession, answered -
A. "I invent and draw figures. Q [...]

Well[4] I have seen it - and in a Small way am slightly surprised! - It is new rather is n't it to print the private personal [truth?] that contains the matter for your paper? -

Not that I mind any thing you do - but I just notice it - While[5] you were about it why did you not print all? Was it a smart bit of business to cadge the forged butterfly in its badness from the counterfeit book[6]? If you had asked me I would have sent you the real thing -

The little biographical business, if not quite new will do -

but why the old [...]

[p. 2] WHISTLER[7]

Reflection[8]: Yes - : The great people always bought Canaletto[9] not Prout[10], and Van Huysum[11], not Hunt[12]

There was indeed no quality in the bright little water colours, which could look other than pert in in [sic] ghostly corridors, and pretty in halls of state; but they gave an unquestionnable [sic] look

[p. 3]


[butterfly signature]

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1.  [January/May 1890?]
Although these notes seem to be unrelated, some relate to Whistler, James McNeill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, London, 1890.

2.  William Heinemann
The draft text may have been intended for William Heinemann (1863-1920), publisher [more], although some of the text below appears to be the draft of a letter to a news paper editor.

3.  Master Paul Caliari
Paolo Caliari ('Il Veronese') of Verona (1528-1588), painter and draughtsman [more].

4.  Well
Written lower down the page in pencil.

5.  While
The letter continues in ink.

6.  counterfeit book
Whistler, James McNeill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, ed. Sheridan Ford, Paris, 1890.

Word handwritten in small capitals, in pencil, upside-down. It appears to be related to the draft title page on p. 3 (see note below).

8.  Reflection
A proposed note for the margin. A box is sketched in the left margin, in pencil.

9.  Canaletto
Giovanni Antonio Canal ('Canaletto') (1697-1768), painter, etcher and draughtsman [more].

10.  Prout
Samuel Prout (1783-1852), watercolourist and painter of architectural subjects [more].

11.  Van Huysum
Jan van Huysum or Huysen (1682-1749), artist [more].

12.  Hunt
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), artist [more].

13.  The
p. 2 has been folded in half, and this draft, given here as p. 3, was written upside-down on the right side of the page. This is JW's design for the title page.