The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 06246
Date: 9 May 1898
Author: JW
Place: Paris
Recipient: William Webb[1]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler W241
Document Type: ALS[2]

'Whistler Reid[3]'

110. Rue du Bac. Paris

May 9. 1898 -

Dear Mr. Webb -

In great haste enclose cheque £63 -

I want you to remember now the circumstances of my sale to Reid[4] of Glasgow (picture dealer) of the "Furred Jacket[5]" I received £400 - on condition that if afterwards he sold it for more, we were to divide the surplus.

[p. 2] He has now sold the picture to Mr. Burrell[6] of Glasgow, it is reported for £1500[7]

This makes £1100 - to divide - or £550[8] - for me -

I have sent him a little reminder of a certain telling kind! - but receive no answer[9] -

I shall wait still a few days and then perhaps you might see -

I have the conditions in writing though not at hand - but I have[10] them - and you have seen them - so that when you do write you can say "your signed agreement which I hold" -

However we will wait still - Now I am off -

Still not rid of influenza!

Always sincerely

J McN Whistler

Write a line to acknowledge cheque - & kindly see that the Hinde St. man[11] be paid at once -

I cannot put my finger on your letter so send cheque from memory[12] -

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1.  William Webb
William Webb (b. ca 1851), of G. and W. Webb, lawyer [more]. Webb has marked the passages asking him to do something with lines to left or underneath.

2.  ALS
Written on deep bordered mourning paper. All underlinings other than 'have' are in pencil and of another hand, probably that of Webb.

3.  Whistler Reid
Written in another hand. 'Reid' is double underlined.

4.  Reid
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more]. JW sold the picture to Reid during the summer of 1892 (see A. Reid to JW, #05133, #05137).

5.  Furred Jacket
Arrangement in Black and Brown: The Fur Jacket (YMSM 181).

6.  Mr. Burrell
William Burrell (1861-1958), ship-owner and collector [more].

7.  for £1500
Double underlined.

8.  £550
Double underlined.

9.  answer
No correspondence between JW and Reid at this time has been located.

10.  have
Double underlined.

11.  Hinde St. man
This relates to the Company of the Butterfly, a company formed by JW in April 1897 in order to sell his works direct to the public. The shop was based at 2 Hinde Street, Manchester Square.

12.  memory
This sentence is written in the left margin, at right angles to the main text.