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System Number: 05971
Date: [22/23 July 1887?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: Queen Victoria[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler V60
Document Type: PD/Ms

Extract from the Memorial applying for the Charter.



Humbly Showeth, that, under the auspices and patronage of Your Majesty's Royal and Revered Uncle, the late Illustrious Duke of Sussex and of other highly distinguished Patrons of the Arts, there was, in the year 1823, established in your Majesty's Metropolis, an Institution for the aid and promotion of the Arts, entitled, "THE SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS," which has continued up to the present time, That the great objects of the Society has been being to provide for meritorious Artists an advantageous Exhibition of their works; and for the Patrons Friends of Art a wider scope than had previously existed for theer perception and Encouragement of British talent, and for students the advantages of systematic & enlightened Instruction.

That a reference to the recorded proceedings of the Society will show that this these objects has have been carried out with undeviating honesty, perseverence, independence and success.

That the Catalogues of the periodical Exhibitions (which the Memorialists now humbly submit to Your Majesty's gracious notice, contain the names of several Exhibitors at this Institution, who have since risen to great eminence in their profession, and of whom some are now distinguished Members of Your Majesty's Royal Academy of Arts.

That the number of Works of Art annually exhibited at the Gallery of the Society of British Artists has averaged about 840; that the amount of Sales has averaged about £2000 annually, and that for the last five years more than £4000 annually; and that there have been sold from the Exhibitors, 2244 Works of Art, whereof 909 were by Members of the Society, and 1335 by Exhibitors not Members, in which latter number whose works were so sold out of the Society's Exhibitions, are to be found the names of several Artists who are now among the most eminent of Your Majesty's Royal Academy.

That Your Majesty's Illustrious Consort has most graciously honoured this Institution with his August Presence on several occasions, and by making at various times purchases of Pictures in the Gallery.

That, among other distinguished Patrons of the Arts, the following have honoured the Society by becoming purchasers of Works at the Society's Exhibitions:-

The late Duke of Bedford          The late Earl of Egremont         
The Duke of Rutland               The Earl of Normanton
The late Duke of Marlborough      The Earl of Carlisle
The late Duchess of St. Albans    The Earl of Tankerville
The Duke of Newcastle             The Earl of Carysfort
The late Duke of Montrose         The late Earl Grey
The late Duke of Sutherland       The Countess of Arundel & Surrey
The late Duchess of Sutherland    Viscount Emlyn
The late Duchess of Buccleuch     The Bishop of Winchester
The Marquis of Northampton        The late Lord Gwydyr
The late Marchioness of Bute      The late Lord Monson
The Marquis of Landsdowne         The late Lord Wharncliffe
The late Marquis of Winchester    The late Lord Rolle
The late Marquis of Ormond        Lord Strathavon
Earl Fitzhardinge                 Lord Ellenborough
Earl Ducie                        Lord Francis Egerton
The late Earl of Sussex           Lady Hesilrige
The Earl of Albermarle            Lord Northwick
The Earl of Shaftsbury            Lord Dunally
The late Earl Fitzwilliam         Lord Selsey
The late Earl of Durham           The late Lord Muncaster

The late Lord Mountcharles
Lord Charles Townsend
Lord Colborne
Lord de Tabley
Lord de Saumarez
Lord Kinnaird
Lord William Powlett
Lord De Lisle
R. Hart Davis, Esq., M.P.
M.M. Zachary, Esq.
W. Chamberlayne, Esq., M.P.
The late Sir Henry Meux, Bart.
W.T. Copeland, Esq., M.P.
Sir Felix Booth
Sir Thomas Phillips, Bart.
M.A. Taylor, Esq., M.P.
Sir Ronald Ferguson, M.P.
Sir Robert Peel, Bart., M.P.
Hon. J. Liddell, M.P.
R. Vernon, Esq.
Sir Gerard Noel, Bart., M.P.

[p. 2]

W. Beckford, Esq.                 Sir  John Soane, R.A.
Sir George Crewe, Bart, M.P.      Col. Sibthorpe, M.P.
Sir Thomas Baring, Bart.          Sir Hyde Parker, Bart.
W. Allnutt, Esq.                  Rev. S. Coleridge
L. Parnther, Esq.                 James Wadmore, Esq.
J. Fielden, Esq, M.P.             Col. Shipardson
- Labouchere, Esq.                Robert Ferguson, Esq., M.P.
H.C. Hoare, Esq.                  Sir P. Hesketh Fleetwood, Bt., M.P.
J.J. Ruskin, Esq.                 J. Lewis Ricardo, Esq.
C.F. Huth, Esq.                   Hon. Sydney Herbert, M.P.
A.E. Hulton, Esq.                 E. Turner, Esq., M.P.
R.H. Solly, Esq.                  E.N. Dennys, Esq.
Col. Sir Wm. Herries, K.C.B.      C. Saville Onley, Esq.
H. Villiers Stuart Esq., M.P.     J. Fairlie, Esq.
The Hon. D. Kinnaird.             G. H. Errington, Esq.
The Rev. E. Stanley.              F. Broderip, Esq.
Sir Christopher Cole, M.P.        Sir J. R. Reid, Bart., M.P.
Wynn Ellis, Esq, M.P.             Edward Holland, Esq., M.P.
William Wells, Esq.               D. Salomons, Esq.
C. Baring Wall, Esq., M.P.        Robert Farrant, Esq., M.P.
John Gibbons, Esq.                C.R.M. Talbot, Esq., M.P.

Col. A'Court
Simon M'Gillivray, Esq.
Hon. Mrs. B. Wilbraham
H. Munro, Esq.
S. Solly, Esq.
G. Young, Esq.
Hon A. Duncomb, M.P.
Rev. H. Waldo Sibthorpe
Hon. W.L. Melville
J. Bell, Esq.
B. Botfield, Esq., M.P.
Charles Scarisbrick, Esq.
W. Collett, Esq., M.P.
Sir George Phillips, Bart.
Sir C.H. Coote, Bart, M.P.
The Hon. G. King
B. Bernasconi, Esq.
C.W. Packe, Esq., M.P.
W.J. Brodetip, Esq.
Sir Watkin W. Wynn, Bart.
Sir Robert Frankland.

That the Members of the Society, while they appreciate and are grateful for the patronage extended to them by Your Majesty's Illustrious Consort, Your Majesty's Illustrious Uncle, and other Patrons of the Arts, eminent not less for their exalted rank than for their discriminating taste and sound judgement in Works of Art,- have the proud satisfaction of ascribing these results mainly to their own personal and undividual exertions, having for twenty-three years painfully and laboriously struggled against great difficulties, now happily surmounted, and being subject to all the heavy cost of their Establishment, unaided by Your Majesty's Government, or by any Public Grant, and with no further assistance than by occasional Donations from the following eminent persons:-

His Grace the late Duke of Bedford   J. Morrison, Esq.
The late Earl of Carysfort           J.R. Hoffmann, Esq.
The late Earl Durham                 Richard Hart Davis Esq., M.P.
The late Earl Fitzwilliam            G.W. Taylor, Esq., M.P.
The late Lord De Tabley              Sir R. Ferguson, Bart.
The late Lord Glenorchy              H. Mills, Esq.
Sir G. Noel Bart., M.P.              Simon M'Gillivray, Esq.
Sir John Soane, R.A.                 A. Robarts, Esq., M.P.
J. Nash, Esq.                        Lord Colborne
The late Lord Dover                  G. Phillips, Esq.
W.J. Denison, Esq., M.P.             Mr. Baron Bolland
B.B. Cabbell, Esq.                   C. Savile Onley, Esq., M.P.
John Taylor, Esq.                    C.B. Wall, Esq., M.P.
Sir Ronald Ferguson                  R. Wilson, Esq.
Sir M.W. Ridely, Bart.               J. Curteis, Esq.
Hon. Douglas Kinnaird                J. Edwards Vaughan, Esq.
T.L. Parker, Esq.                    E. Wyndham, Esq.
J. Broadhurst, Esq.                  Miss Sharples
H. Neele, Esq.                       J. Tenant, Esq.
C. Bayley, Esq.                      T. Borough, Esq.

Geo. S. Spreeckley, Esq.
W.H. Harriott, Esq.
W.H. Lord, Esq.
T.C. Harrison, Esq.
C.E. Nugent, Esq.
E. Dowbiggen, Esq.
Mrs. Barnard
Lord C. Townsend
S.J. Stump, Esq.
T. Dowbiggen, Esq.
S. Boddington, Esq.
The Hon. J.T.L. Melville
Edward Hulse, Esq.
George Crockford, Esq.
Henry Champernowne, Esq.
W. Curtis, Esq.
F.J. Delafosse, Esq.
C. Dorrien, Esq.
Benjamin Oliveira, Esq., F.R.S.

That the objects of the Society would be very essentially promoted and facilitated by the gracious concession to them of Your Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation, which would better enable them to transact the affairs of the Society; and when humbly approaching Your Majesty to pray for so gracious a grant, the Memorialists, with the greatest confidence in your Majesty's justice, wisdom, and benevolence, venture to point to the eminent services the Society has already rendered to the Arts and Artists of Your Majesty's Kingdom, and to the arduous difficulties they have so perseveringly struggled against.

MAY IT THEREFORE PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY graciously to grant to the Members of the Society of British Artists Your Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation, in the form expressed in the Draft thereof herewith humbly submitted to Your Majesty, or in such other form as Your Majesty shall be graciously pleased to grant the same.

AND Your Majesty's humble and faithful Memorialists will ever dutifully and unfeignedly pray, that your Majesty may long and happily reign over a free, enlightened, and loyal people, whose advance and achievements in the Arts, in Science, and in Literature, may repay with imperishable glory the fostering care and benignant solicitude of Your Majesty's Sway.

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1.  [22/23 July 1887?]
This is one of several drafts of a Memorial sent by JW on behalf of the Society of British Artists to Queen Victoria following her Jubilee celebrations (#05970, #05971, #05972, #13099, #05975), which appear to predate Hurlbert's letter to JW on 24 July 1887 (#02213). See #05972 for annotation.

2.  Queen Victoria
Victoria (1819-1901), Queen of Great Britain [more].