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System Number: 05970
Date: [22/23 July 1887?][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: Queen Victoria[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler V59
Document Type: MsDf[3]


That, in the tenth year of your Majesty's fortunate and glorious reign on the 3rd day of February 1847, your Majesty was graciously pleased upon the petition of the Members of this Society to grant to it a Royal Charter in order to which has ever since facilitated and promoted its pursuit of the objects with for which it was established. That the name of your most graciou Majesty's illustrious revered and lamented Consort[4] having who honoured the Exhibitions of the Society with his presence, encouraged its efforts by the purchase of works contributed by its members, and strengthened strengthened it in common with all other influences tending to good in these realms, by the his wise Counsel and lofty example, is enrolled by this Society with great grateful and [particular?] pride at the head of a list of friends and Patrons of this Society which Embraces, among others, the names of,

(here the list)

That [...] th[...] as the members of this[5] [...]

[p. 2] 'sorts[6] & conditions of men throughout'


That the members of this Society, in common with all the people of sorts & conditions of men throughout your Majesty's world wide dominions, earnestly desire to mark and celebrate in some becoming and appropriate manner their gratitude and joy in this upon the completion of this ever to be remembered Fiftieth Year of Your Majestys benign and beneficent sway;

May it therefore please your Majesty graciously to accord to this Society from founded in the manner under the auspices in the manner & for the purposes herein before set forth, and constituted a Society by Your Majesty's most gracious Royal Charter at the earlier years of your most auspicious Reign, your august permission[7] permission to take uponto itself wear and henceforth be known by the style and title of the The Royal Society of British Artists, which shall be to us us and to our successors an undying witness of our collective and individual loyalty to Your Majestys person person, and throne, and a memorial bond binding us and them to an ever increasing pursue with undeviating and increasing fidelity the great aims and objects for which this Society was founded as herein before set forth, and by Your Majestys most gracious Royal Charter constituted, in the earliest years of Your Majesty's most glorious and auspicious Reign:

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1.  [22/23 July 1887?]
This is one of several drafts of a Memorial sent by JW on behalf of the Society of British Artists to Queen Victoria following her Jubilee celebrations (#05970, #05971, #05972, #13099, #05975), which appear to predate Hurlbert's letter to JW on 24 July 1887 (#02213). This particular draft is in an unknown hand.

2.  Queen Victoria
Victoria (1819-1901), Queen of Great Britain [more].

3.  MsDf
This is obviously only part of a longer document, for p. 1 is numbered '2' and p. 2, '4'; p. 2 has been torn in half with the loss of the lower section of text.

4.  Consort
Prince Albert (1819-1861), the Prince Consort [more].

5.  members of this
The lower half of the page is torn away at this point, with some loss of text.

6.  sorts ... throughout
This line is added at the top in pencil.

7.  permission
Added in pencil in the left margin.