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System Number: 05741
Date: 25 May 1892
Author: David Croal Thomson[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler T86
Document Type: ALS

[royal coat of arms]
116 & 117, NEW BOND STREET. W.


25 May 1892

Dear Sir,

Peacock Room[2] We are sending you a copy of an advertising brochure just published here which is fairly well done for the kind of thing. It has the advantage of having all the ornaments in place which now are all away.

Acting on your idea we went to the Pall Mall Gazette & we have arranged with them to make certain photographs on your account [p. 2] of the room. But with all the china away the place looks wretched in comparison with its old appearance. All the same we can get photos of the three windows[,] the 2 Peacocks opp. the fireplace & the roof. The others are doubtful. Mr Geo. Thomson[3] (a brither Scot, but no relation) has taken it in hand officially for the P M G. & together we have been at work on it all day. Tomorrow we shall do the place named above[.] Please reply by letter certain svp before 3-30 pm if you want the walls done on Friday even without the ornaments. We think not, but [p. 3] find it difficult to say. We have to act to-day not reflect! If you can spare ½ an hour to consider the whole matter seriously tomorrow morn[in]g please decide the point.

We are having a photo. made of the Princesse[4] also separately[.] It is now in Christie's & will be sold Saturday & all the china next week. The house at Princes Gate is quite dismantled - - shameful[.] The son in law has treated us badly as we wanted to take f some friends there & we could not get consent[.] However Christie gave it to us.

[p. 4] Please say if you are an American citizen & if you would go to the Consul in Paris for us to sign a declaration if we should require it.

Portfolios Enclosed are the two lists[5] we think of publishing[,] No. 1. immediately & No. 2 later[,] announcing only No. 1 meantime. Price £3. 3/- each. Please go through it very carefully (you always do that however!) & say if you approve or what you think. Put the 2 lots in separate places & examine to see how they tell -

We want to settle this now & issue the prospectus.

"Your early attention will oblige"
Yours vy truly

[stamped:] BOUSSOD VALADON & CO.

D C Thomson


J McN. Whistler Eq

Will see[6] about Sir Wm Eden[7]

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1.  David Croal Thomson
David Croal Thomson (1855-1930), art dealer [more]. This is a reply to #08207.

2.  Peacock Room
Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Peacock Room (YMSM 178).

3.  Mr Geo. Thomson
George Thomson, journalist [more]. See Robinson, Lionel, 'The Private Art Collections of London. The Late Mr. Frederick Leyland's [Collection] in Prince's Gate. Second Paper. - The Leyland Collection,' The Art Journal, May 1892, pp. 134-138, repr. pp. 132 and 135.

4.  Princesse
La Princesse du pays de la porcelaine (YMSM 50).

5.  two lists
These lists are transcribed at #05745 and #05746.

6.  Will see
This line is added in the space at the top of p. 1.

7.  Sir Wm Eden
Sir William Eden (1849-1915), painter and collector [more]. He was to commission Brown and Gold: Portrait of Lady Eden (YMSM 408).