The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 05527
Date: 27 November [1902][1]
Author: JW
Place: London
Recipient: Samuel Henry Jeyes[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler S172
Document Type: ALdS

An Acknowledgement.[3]

To the Editor -

Dear Sir -

Pray accept my sincere sorrow for the vast trouble we have given each other! -

Of course I was chagrined at not finding myself, the other day in your most excellent and distinguished Paper - Still I am not without appreciating and even admiration admiring your summary methods.

This violent rescue of your man[4] was, I am willing to admit, rather brilliant Generalship, in its way - though perhaps of a Guerrilla kind, which you had taught us to suppose you especially depricated [sic]? -

It was possibly the only thing to be done - but was it worth while?

Also, for the moment, you have disappointed all London! -

And I have the honour to be,
Dear Sir,
Very faithfully

J McNeill Whistler

Chelsea -

Nov. 27 -

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1.  27 November [1902]
Year dated from JW's other correspondence with the Standard; see #05525, #05526, #07476, #09448.

2.  Samuel Henry Jeyes
Samuel Henry Jeyes (d. 1911), author and journalist.

3.  An Acknowledgement.
Double underlined.

4.  man
Frederick Wedmore (1844-1921), art critic [more]. On 19 November, JW wrote to the Standard to complain that Wedmore had suggested in his review of the 12th Exhibition, Society of Portrait Painters, New Gallery, London, 1902, that Grenat et or: Le Petit Cardinal (YMSM 469) was old work (Whistler, James McNeill, 'Une Dernière Incarnation,' The Standard, 21 November 1902; #09448). In fact, Wedmore had noted that, just before its arrival at the New Gallery, the picture had been exhibited at the 12th Exhibition, Ouvrages de Peintures, Sculpture, Dessin, Gravure, Architecture et Objets d'Art, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1902. The correspondence was published in Whistler, James McNeill, An Interrupted Correspondence, Chelsea, 1902 [GM, A.25].