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System Number: 05364
Date: 2 January 1889
Author: Malcolm Charles Salaman[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler S8
Document Type: ALS

24 Sutherland Gardens

Jan 2 / 89

My dear Whistler,

I was sorry not to have a chat with you yesterday - you disappeared so quickly -

When do you leave for America[2]? When can I see you to talk over several things?

When can you visit the National Gallery with me, for the purpose of that article I suggested?

Please answer all this [sic] questions soon - Also have you done anything further about advertising the S. B. A[3] [p. 2] in the 'Sunday Times'?

You will be sorry to hear that my art opinions have cost me my position on the 'Manchester Courier', which I have now held for some time - I told you a little while ago that they were complaining & asking me to modify my views & the other day, on receipt of a splendid notice I sent them of the S. B. A - the best I had ever written for them - they wrote to say that my recent art criticisms had given so much dissatisfaction that my connection [association?] with the paper must cease - I wrote them a letter after your own heart - which if they have any sensibility [p. 3] must have been a crushing snub to them - Their local critic - a hopeless duffer - is the real cause of this - He praises Frith's[4] painting - so you can judge how incongruous he & I were on the same paper - He is very anti Whistler - so also is the editor of the art & literary portions of the paper - From a pecuniary point of view, this is rather a nuisance material loss - as my work included dramatic, & other work on the paper - But I find that conscientiousness as a critic involves a certain amount of martyrdom, & am content - The editors are not yet educated enough to allow of Whistler critics - but I shall persevere in a small way until they are - you may be sure - In the meanwhile [p. 4] I want to write the various articles we have talked about -

Let me hear from you soon -

Yours ever

Malcolm C. Salaman

I have been laid up with a severe cold -

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1.  Malcolm Charles Salaman
Malcolm Charles Salaman (1855-1940), art critic and dramatist [more].

2.  America
JW had considered making a lecture tour but did not in fact go to America again.

3.  S. B. A
JW was forced to resign as President of the Royal Society of British Artists on 4 June 1888 but retained the post until November.

4.  Frith's
William Powell Frith (1819-1909), genre and landscape painter [more].