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System Number: 05307
Date: [28 November 1887][1]
Author: Horace Henry Cauty[2]
Place: London
Recipient: Royal Society of British Artists[3]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler R203
Document Type: PL and PD


Suffolk Street,
Pall Mall East, S. W.


Dear Sir,

I beg to inform you that the Monthly Meeting of the Society will be held at the Gallery on            next, the        of       

The chair will be taken punctually at 8 p.m.

I am, Dear Sir,
Your obedient servant,

Horace H. Cauty,



To confirm the minutes of last meeting.

To confirm resolutions passed at the last meeting.

To consider any correspondence received by the Secretary.

To receive from the Treasurer[4] the Monthly Statement of Finance.

[p. 2] To pass the Balance Sheet.

That the following be added to Law 43, viz. that no invitations shall be issued for the Private View except through the Secretary of the Society.

That the following be added to Law 81, viz. that the servants of the Society shall receive instructions as to their duties through him (the Secretary) only, and he shall be responsible that the servants of the Society do their duty.

To consider the advisability of altering the dates for the reception of works for the Spring Exhibition.

Be it resolved, that any member of this Royal Society, who shall have been elected a member of the Committee of Selection and Supervision, or of the Hanging Committee, or of the Council of this Royal Society, and who shall, on or after the 1st day of December, 1887, be, and remain, a member of any of the undermentioned Associations or Societies, shall be thenceforth ineligible to act, and disqualified from acting, as a member of either and both of the said Committees, or of the said Council of this Royal Society.

The said Associations or Societies are as follows:-
The Royal Academy,
The Royal Water-Colour Society,
The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours,
The Institute of Painters in Oil Colours,
and any other Society or Association formed, or to be formed, for the exhibition of paintings in London.

[p. 3] THE ROYAL

[p. 4][5]

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1.  [28 November 1887]
Dated by agenda of RBA meeting, which is that on a dated copy of the same document (#05309).

2.  Horace Henry Cauty
Horace Henry Cauty (1846-1909), historical and genre painter [more].

3.  Royal Society of British Artists
This is a proof of the printed letter and agenda to be sent to all members of the RBA. All parts of this document are in printed lettering, including the signature. JW, then President of the RBA, proposed to amend the rules of membership, but this proposal was rejected.

4.  Treasurer
David Law (1831-1901), RBA treasurer, painter and etcher [more].

5.  [p. 4]
Page 4 contains exactly the same text as that on p. 2, but it has been crossed through (by hand in pencil) with a large 'X'.