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System Number: 05220
Date: [4 August 1878][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: Colonel and Lady Elizabeth Romilly[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler R120
Document Type: PD/Ms

Colonel & Lady Elizabeth Romilly's
COMPANY at breakfast[3]
on Sunday 4th Aug. at 11.45. O'CLOCK.

[butterfly signature]

[p. 2, on verso of invitation card]: Ly Colebrooke[4] - 14. South St
Ly Ribblesdale[5] - Sloane St
Mrs Borthwick[6] - Eaton Pl
Mrs Villiers Lister[7] - Eaton Sqre
Mrs Hanbury Leigh[8] - Cadogan Pl
Ly Robt Bruce[9] -
Ly Ellise[10]
[Anabel Cushing?] [illegible word, deleted] Knightsbridge
Mde Caplin[11] Berners St
Miss Gifford[12]
+ + Stationery - Roberts. Arabella R[13]
- - - -      Sewell[14]
Mrs Pole Carew[15]       

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1.  [4 August 1878]
Year date from date of invitation (the 4th of August was a Sunday in 1878) and butterfly signature.

2.  Colonel and Lady Elizabeth Romilly
Col. Frederick Romilly (1810-1887), MP for Canterbury [more]; and Lady Elizabeth Romilly (1820-1892), wife of Col. F. Romilly [more].

3.  breakfast
The Sunday breakfast parties at Lindsay Row for which JW became known during the mid 1870s. See Pennell, Elizabeth Robins, and Joseph Pennell, The Life of James McNeill Whistler, 2 vols, London and Philadelphia, 1908, vol. 1, pp. 190-92.

4.  Ly Colebrooke
Elizabeth Margaret Colebrooke (m. 1857), née Richardson [more]. The names on this list are all written in an unknown hand, perhaps that of Lady Romilly.

5.  Ly Ribblesdale
Possibly Charlotte Monkton Lister (d. 1911), née Tennant, wife of Sir T. Lister, Baron Ribblesdale [more].

6.  Mrs Borthwick
Alice Borthwick (d. 1898), née Lister, later Lady Glenesk [more].

7.  Mrs Villiers Lister
Unidentified, possibly a relative of Lady Ribblesdale.

8.  Mrs Hanbury Leigh
Mrs Hanbury-Leigh, a social acquaintance of JW.

9.  Ly Robt Bruce
Hon. Mrs Robert Bruce, resident at St James's Palace.

10.  Ly Ellise
Lady Jane Harriet Ellice (1819-1903), temperance campaigner [more].

11.  Mde Caplin
Mme Roxey Anne Caplin (1831/1832-1888), hygenic corset maker [more].

12.  Miss Gifford
Miss Gifford, unidentified.

13.  Roberts. Arabella R
Arabella R. Roberts, unidentified.

14.  Sewell
J. William Sewell, commissioner to administer oaths.

15.  Mrs Pole Carew
Frances Anne Pole-Carew (d. 1902), née Buller, wife of W. H. Pole-Carew [more].