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System Number: 04213
Date: [16 or 23 February 1892][1]
Author: Charles Frederick Ulrich[2]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler M483
Document Type: ALS




Dear Mr Whistler

I have been asked by the Executive Commission of the Munich Exhibition to arrange a room of pictures & sculpture by yourself, Dewing[3], Sargent[4], Abbey[5][,] Inness[6] & St. Gaudens[7]. I saw Sargent & Abbey at Fairford yesterday & have arranged with them. I am sorry to say that I already have my ticket for New-York otherwise I would have looked you up in Paris. But as I sail tomorrow this is out of question. I will however do so in a month from now when I hope [p. 2] to be back. The young men of Munich are all looking forward to see[ing] some of your work & they made me promise to do all to have your Carlyle[8] and as many other things as possible. As enough of money is at my disposal to arrange a realy tastefull room I would be only too happy to satisfy any wish of your own regarding the hangings, etc.

All Expenses are carried by the Exhibition as shipping to & from Munich, Insurance. Lady Campbell[9] told me today that she thought it possible for you to have the Carlyle from Glasgow. [p. 3] This picture would certainly be of an immense importance of all artists at Munich, and I am sure you will gain thanks from all, if you could gain this point.

I saw a stunning portrait of a lady at Goupil[10] today and if that is at your disposal & you feel like letting it go I would be ever so much obliged. Should you decide to send several things, and perhaps some of the pictures in private possession in America then I beg you to let me know where I can find them on the other side and can apply to the owners.

Will you kindly let me know whether you expect [p. 4] to be in London or Paris in about a month from now? I will at all events look you up before going back to Munich.

An early & favorable answer[11] Dear Mr Whistler, will greatly oblige

yours very truly

Charles Fred Ulrich

The Benedick
Washington Square
N. Y.

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1.  [16 or 23 February 1892]
Dated by reference to a portrait at Goupils (see below) and the almanac.

2.  Charles Frederick Ulrich
Charles Frederic Ulrich (1858-1908), genre painter [more].

3.  Dewing
Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851-1938), artist [more].

4.  Sargent
John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), artist [more].

5.  Abbey
Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), painter and illustrator [more].

6.  Inness
George Inness (1825-1894), landscape painter [more].

7.  St. Gaudens
Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907), sculptor [more].

8.  Carlyle
Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 2: Portrait of Thomas Carlyle (YMSM 137). It had just been purchased by Glasgow Corporation and was not lent to Munich.

9.  Lady Campbell
Probably Janey Sevilla Campbell (ca 1846 - d.1923), née Callander, Lady Archibald Campbell [more].

10.  Goupil
Harmony in Pink and Grey: Portrait of Lady Meux (YMSM 229) was briefly on show 'downstairs' at Goupil's (see JW to D.C.Thomson, 14 February 1892, #08216).

11.  favorable answer
JW organised a substantial loan to 6th Internationale Kunst-Austellung, Munich, 1892. He was awarded a first-class gold medal for Arrangement in Black and Brown: The Fur Jacket (YMSM 181). The committee of the Munich Pinakothek tried unsuccessfully to buy Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl (YMSM 52) from the owner, John Gerald Potter (1829-1908), wallpaper manufacturer and patron [more], (see also Ulrich's next letter, #04214).