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System Number: 04172
Date: 5 December [1892][1]
Author: Albert Moore[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: JW
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler M442
Document Type: AD

Page 1

on Nov 6th
Dealer[3] writes to me at the Club - Has seen my picture[4], and would like to buy it, but is afraid he will not be able to offer a very high price, as he has bee recently bought some more important works of your painting, will I take say £80 -


Nov 8 10
I find the letter at the club, and answer it to the address he gives in London, saying that I did not think of selling it under £100 but that under the circumstances I would meet him half way and take £90


Nov 22
Dealer writes to say that he did not come to England so soon as he expected, & therefore had not written sooner before, but has come to the conclusion that he cannot give more than £80 - if that will suit me he will send cheque -


I do not answer this, as I don't mean him to have it at that price, but, as I may want to sell it it elsewhere, I write to you to know if you could easily send it if I wrote for it -

I find from yr letter Nov. 29[5] that Nov 25 he had written to you to say that he had, to all intents & purposes, bought the picture; & that it was sent to him on Novr 26

No 26

Nov 29
Dealer writes to offer me £85 and mentions "I had a case of pictures coming from Paris & have asked Mr Whistler to include the picture"
(Note - Picture must have been in Glasgow when he wrote this)


(p. 2) Page 2

This letter was addressed to the Club & I did not find it till Decem 3

Meantime, on the appearance of evident deceit in his communication to you, which you had quoted, I consulted a lawyer, who said I could make him pay up what his client had given for the picture if he could not produce it; but as I did not want to bully the man, I wrote to him (ie. not having seen the letter then at the club - this letter did not wd not have made any difference)

Decem 2
That I was surprised to learn that he had had the picture sent to Glasgow, obtaining from you on the assurance that he had purchased it, & without any permission from me - that if he were inclined to make his statement a true one by remitting a cheque £90 by return the matter might end there, but that other otherwise I shd. have to place it in my solicitor's hands.

Decem 5
that is, this morning, I receive cheque £90 with another letter which is as humbugging as the previous one, but it was the first addressed to me here

Victory however for Yorkshire (did not eat enough porridge, this one)

I am only sorry that present circumstances induced me obliged me to entertain the idea of letting yr beautiful picture go for anything like this sum -

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1.  5 December [1892]
This document was sent with #04171, which is so dated.

2.  Albert Moore
Albert Joseph Moore (1841-1893), painter [more]. He lived at 2 Spencer Street, Victoria, London.

3.  Dealer
Alexander Reid (1854-1936), Glasgow dealer [more].

4.  picture
Nocturne: Trafalgar Square - Snow (YMSM 173).

5.  letter Nov. 29