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System Number: 02921
Date: 1 September 1899
Author: JW
Place: Pourville-sur-Mer
Recipient: William Richman Farquhar[1]
Place: [Paris]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler LB 2/223-25
Document Type: MsLc[2]

Pavillon Madeleine -
Pourville-sur-Mer -
Pres Dieppe -

Dear Mr Farquhar -

Your letter[3] has followed me here - I have been sent off from the hot cities for a little rest & sea air - and I am so sorry to miss you -

But let us take this occasion to meet each other in another way -

Your wife's portrait[4] has been for me an ideal picture with which I have hitherto never been able to satisfy myself -

Now you are both so charming that I am sure that you will forgive any seeming abruptness in my letter - You see I don't know how long you are going to be in town - or where you are off to again - and so write quickly -

Well then it dawns upon me that Mrs Peck[5] ought to have back her cheque (which I enclose, 400 gns) though I never [p. 2] thought of this before! -

This is no sudden renunciation on my part! - for I am quite willing to do whatever Mrs Farquhar chooses -

I will make my arrangements to finish the work at whatever period, after this month, it can be at all convenient to her to give me a good three weeks, out of which I can take the few sittings required for its perfection -

Believe me, with kindest regards to you both -
Very Sincerely yours.

J. McNeill Whistler.

P. S. Possibly you may feel that I should have written to Mrs Peck direct - but it was of course necessary that this should eventually come before you -

Therefore I thought it shorter & wiser to write at once to you - and now to beg you to send on this letter itself to [p. 3] Mrs Peck, with its enclosure.

This, it seems to me, will be quite right - and I hope you will agree with me and not think it a trouble

Sept. 1. 1899.

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1.  William Richman Farquhar
William Richman Farquhar (m. 1897), husband of Marion Farquhar [more].

2.  MsLc
This copy is in the hand of Rosalind Birnie Philip (1873-1958), JW's sister-in-law [more].

3.  your letter
See W. R. Farquhar to JW, #02920. The Farquhars planned to be in Paris for a few days and hoped to see JW and the portrait (see note below).

4.  wife's portrait
Portrait of Miss Marion Peck (YMSM 439). JW began this portrait of Marion Farquhar (b. ca 1872, m. 1897), née Peck [more], in March 1895, but never completed it.

5.  Mrs Peck
Annah B. Peck (b. ca 1850), patron [more].