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System Number: 02581
Date: 6 July 1877
Author: Frederick Richards Leyland[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler L117
Document Type: ALS

'No. 11[2]'

[monogram:] 'FRL'

49 Princes Gate

6 July 1877


I have accidentally learnt that on Monday last you called at my house and afterwards accompanied Mrs Leyland and my daughter Florence[3] in my carriage to look over Baron Grant's[4] house.

After what has passed and in the relative position which it is publicly known that you and I occupy towards each other, I cannot trust myself to speak of the meanness [p. 2] of your thus taking advantage of the weakness of a woman to place her in such a false position before the world and I write now to tell you that I have strictly forbidden my servants to admit you again, and that I have also told my wife and children[5] that I do not wish you them to have any further intercourse with you -

Yours truly

Fred. R. Leyland

J. M. Whistler Eq

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1.  Frederick Richards Leyland
Frederick Richards Leyland (1832-1892), ship-owner and art collector [more]. This letter has a thin mourning border.

2.  No. 11
Underlined and written in JW's hand, in pencil, in the top left-hand corner of sheet. He seems to have numbered his correspondence with Leyland over Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Peacock Room (YMSM 178), with a view to publication, although this did not take place. A copy of this letter in JW's hand is also in Glasgow University Library, MS Whistler L118a.

3.  Mrs Leyland and my daughter Florence
Frances Leyland (1836-1910), née Dawson [more]; and Florence Leyland (1859-1921), later Mrs Prinsep [more].

4.  Baron Grant's
Albert Gottheimer (1830-1899), self-styled Baron Grant, MP, owner of the Echo, company promoter, and collector [more].

5.  children
Frederick Dawson Leyland (b. 1856), son of F. R. Leyland [more]; Fanny Leyland (1857-1880), later Mrs Stevenson-Hamilton [more]; and Elinor Leyland (1861-1952), later Mrs Speed [more].