The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 02234
Date: [May 1889?][1]
Author: William Henry Hurlbert[2]
Place: [London]
Recipient: [JW]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler H330
Document Type: ALS

Tuesday Night

My dear K. St. M.[3]

[Tomorrow?] at dinner certainly - & with exceeding great joy.

But where? And at what hour? Just drop a hint to

Yours Always faithfully

Wm Henry Hurlbert

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1.  [May 1889?]
Dated by JW's closest association with Hurlbert, and the form of address (see below).

2.  William Henry Hurlbert
William Henry Hurlbert (1827-1895), journalist and author, editor-in-chief of the New York World from 1876-1883 [more].

3.  K. St. M.
The letter came with JW's estate to GUL, which suggests it was addressed to JW. Hurlbert's first letters to JW were formally addressed to 'Mr Whistler'. This soon became 'Sir James' (5 July 1887, #02211; 23 March [1888], #02224). He frequently called JW, as President of the RBA, 'Praeses' (9 April 1888, #02229; 9 May 1888, #02230) and even 'Praeses Philistinorum' (#02233). Affectionately, he called him 'Dearly beloved' (16 January 1888, #02221) and once, 'Roi Cicogne' (15 June [1888], #02232). After JW's resignation as PRBA, Hurlbert addressed JW by the odd title 'Ex-arch!' (12 June [1888], #02231). On 1 May 1889 a dinner was held in London to celebrate the award to JW of the Cross of St Michael of Bavaria. Hurlbert apparently associated JW with the archangel, calling him 'St Michael Arch', and referring to the 'spearing of the Dragon', by which he may have meant Wyke Bayliss (1835-1906), painter and architect [more] (12 May [1889], #02236). So, the initials 'K. St. M.' in the current letter (#02234) may be a reference to JW as both Knight and St Michael engaged in subduing his personal or public enemies.