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System Number: 02167
Date: 7 October 1890
Author: Edward W. Hooper[1]
Place: Boston
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler H264
Document Type: ALS

50 State St. Boston U. S. A.

Octr 7th 1890.

Dear Mr Whistler

I enclose a bill of exchange on Messrs Baring Brothers[2] & Co, payable to your order, for one hundred & ten pounds sterling. I have added five pounds to the price of the "Fête on the Sands[3]" because I must trouble you to pay on my behalf Grau's[4] charge for a packing case that will keep the painting from injury in transit. To prevent injury at the Custom House in Boston the cover of the case should be put on with screws instead of nails.

My daughter's[5] portrait[6] came safely, but with slight injury to the frame, from careless opening of the nailed box. As the "Fête on the Sands" cannot be entered as personal baggage I find that the Custom House will require a "consular certificate" that it is the work of an American Artist, with an invoice in the (p. 2) usual form required for merchandise. This will give you the trouble of taking an oath at the office of the American Consul in London, which I much regret. If you will kindly direct Grau to ship the case, as before, to Messrs Henry L. Sherlock[7] & Co, No. 9 Canning Place Liverpool, for Edward W. Hooper, No 50 State St Boston U. S. A., and will also send to me direct, by mail, the invoice with consular certificate you will much oblige me.

We have all got safely home, across the Atlantic, and the portrait is hanging by my fireside to my great satisfaction -

Please remember me kindly to Mrs Whistler[8]
Yours very truly

E. W. Hooper

James McNeill Whistler Esqr

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1.  Edward W. Hooper
Edward William Hooper (1839-1901), collector [more].

2.  Baring Brothers
Bankers in London.

3.  Fête on the Sands
A Red Note: Fête on the Sands, Ostend (YMSM 366).

4.  Grau's
Frederick H. Grau (d. 1894/1895), picture framer [more].

5.  daughter's
Ellen Sturgis Hooper (b. ca 1873), later Mrs John Briggs Potter [more].

6.  portrait
Portrait of Ellen Sturgis Hooper (YMSM 391).

7.  Henry L. Sherlock
Henry L. Sherlock, Customs baggage and forwarding agents for the Westminster Fire and Standard Life Offices, Liverpool.

8.  Mrs Whistler
Beatrix Whistler (1857-1896), née Beatrice Philip, artist [more].