The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 01445
Date: 17 September 1888
Author: Mary Bacon Ford[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: Tours
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F377
Document Type: ALS

Dear Mr Whistler:

Your letter[2] from Tours came safely -

A week has passed with us all since we gave Mr Lewis[3] the contract - and today[4] we find that nothing has been done ——

Meantime "the cabined ships at sea" are daily taking all good Americans home for the beautiful American October - and we should be arranging for your steamer comfort and for land quarters as well -

It is not too early for you to sail any day now -

How soon can you return - to be detained here only for a few days before sailing?

Don't delay - nothing short of it will bring matters to [p. 2] a conclusion - and to a beginning - of good things -

Faithfully & hastily Yours

Mary: Bacon: Ford:

29 Berners St -
Oxford St - W.

Sept 17 - '88 - Monday —

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1.  Mary Bacon Ford
Mary Bacon Ford, née Martin, art agent [more].

2.  letter
See JW to M. B. Ford, #01443.

3.  Mr Lewis
Sir George Henry Lewis (1833-1911), society lawyer [more]. The contract concerned the Ford's proposal that JW undertake a series of etchings to be entitled 'Whistler's American Etchings' and a lecture tour in America. However, as JW soon found out, it signed over control of his affairs to the Fords and a syndicate of New York investors (see M. B. Ford to JW, #01448, letter dated 27 September 1888). See also JW's correspondence with the Fords during this period (see #01449; #01451; #01443; #01449).

4.  today
The Fords had just been to see Lewis (see M. B. Ford to G. H. Lewis, #01444).