The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 01143
Date: 22 February 1882
Author: Marcus Bourne Huish[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F75
Document Type: ALS

148, NEW BOND ST. W.

22. Feb. 1882.

Dear Whistler

I have seen nothing of the Board since my last letter[2] - Besides I understood from you that the matter[3] was now to drop -

The board meet[s] again next Wednesday but I do not think [p. 2] that they will go further than recas[t?] so far alter the proposal to pay you two guineas a set, (& which was your estimate of what you shd have after you had commenced printing,), for the sets you have already printed, on your agreeing to print [p. 3] them another ten sets at your early convenience -

We might, as you will admit, have been out of all this controversy as to getting as many sets as we wanted some time since, if our printer[4] had stuck to our Venice set & not been proving yours.

Yours fai[thfu]lly

Marcus B Huish

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1.  Marcus Bourne Huish
Marcus Bourne Huish (1843 - d.1921), barrister, writer and art dealer, Director of the Fine Art Society [more].

2.  letter
Probably M. B. Huish to JW, 15 February 1882, #01142.

3.  matter
The printing of Mr Whistler's Etchings of Venice, 1880 (the first 'Venice Set') (K. 183-189, 191-195). (excat 5). See also M. B. Huish to JW, #01139, E. G. Brown to JW, #01140 and JW to M. B. Huish, #01145. JW was in dispute with Huish over whether he should be paid for printing etchings (see JW to M. B. Huish, #01127, #01128, M. B. Huish to JW, #01129).

4.  printer
Probably Alfred Holdgate (b. ca 1844), fine art printer [more]; see MacDonald, Margaret F., Palaces in the Night Whistler in Venice, Aldershot, 2001, pp. 95-98.