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System Number: 01135
Date: 30 August 1881
Author: Marcus Bourne Huish[1]
Place: London
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F67
Document Type: ALS

148, NEW BOND ST. W.

My dear Whistler

I will obtain check for the Winans pastels[2] on Wednesday.

Printing of Venice Etchings[3]
We really cannot go on at the rate we are for printing these - It is very good of you superintending the affair but Holgates[4] charges for assisting are getting quite ruinous - [p. 2] and every set costs us so much to print that any chance of getting back our outlay is thereby knocked on the head -

For at the present price the proofs are costing us £1 a head to print or more -

The best plan appears to be now I think to hand over the plates [p. 3] to Holgate to print.* I shall be very loth to do it as some of the last prints have been magnificent but what is to be done -

Yours fai[thfu]lly

Marcus B Huish

* If the man has any Capacity he ought by this time to be sufficiently indoctrinated to print them -

30th August 1881

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1.  Marcus Bourne Huish
Marcus Bourne Huish (1843 - d.1921), barrister, writer and art dealer, Director of the Fine Art Society [more].

2.  Winans pastels
Venice pastels, including San Samuel (M.757) and Canal, San Cassiano (M.778) owned by Ross Winans, Jr, brother of W. and T. De Kay Winans [more], or perhaps Ross Revillon Winans (1851-1912), son of C. and T. De K. Winans [more],. They were first exhibited at Venice Pastels, The Fine Art Society, London, 1881. See also JW to M. B. Huish, #02951 regarding the cheque.

3.  Venice Etchings
Mr Whistler's Etchings of Venice, 1880 (the first 'Venice Set') (K. 183-189, 191-195). (excat 5). See also other correspondence between JW and Huish concerning the printing of the Venice plates, including #01126, and #01130.

4.  Holgates
Alfred Holdgate (b. ca 1844), fine art printer [more].