The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 01095
Date: [8, 15 or 22 July 1900][1]
Author: William Richman Farquhar[2]
Place: Paris
Recipient: JW
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler F26
Document Type: ALS




Dear Mr. Whistler,

I should long ago have acknowledged the cheque[4] but it has probably announced itself by this time. I expect to be in London in about a fortnight & I hope we shall see you then. We have taken sailings for U. S. A. on September 1st but may change our [p. 2] plans before then.

What do you think of the Chinese question[5]. When it comes to taking what one is'nt entitled to, its it is extra[o]rdinary how civilization stands together. I enclose you a paragraph about Independence day. I really think we ought to join in the parade.

Kindest regards
very sincerely yours

W. R. Farquhar

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1.  [8, 15 or 22 July 1900]
Dated from the day of week, 'Sunday'. This may have been a response to JW's letter, #01094. It presumably dates from after Independence Day, 4 July.

2.  William Richman Farquhar
William Richman Farquhar (m. 1897), husband of Marion Farquhar [more].

3.  '1900'
'1900' is written at the top of the page in another hand.

4.  cheque
A cheque returned to Farquhar, because JW had not completed Portrait of Miss Marion Peck (YMSM 439), was bouncing back and forth across the Atlantic (see #01094).

5.  Chinese question
The Boxer Rebellion in China provoked enormous international repercussions and was the only time that the British, Americans, Germans, Russians, Italians, French and Japanese ever conducted joint military operations against a common foe. The Allied campaign to relieve the besieged foreign legations in the Chinese capital, Peking, took place in June-August 1900.