The Corresponence of James McNeil Whistler
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System Number: 00603
Date: 18 September 1892
Author: Oliver Dennell Grover[1]
Place: Chicago
Recipient: JW
Place: Paris
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler C104
Document Type: ALS

James McNeil [sic] Whistler Esq:

Dear Sir,

The Secretary of the general Artists' Committee of The World's Congress Auxiliary (Mr Walter C. Larned[2]) sends you herewith the official invitation to deliver one of the principal addresses at the proposed convention of Painters.

While perhaps a personal letter can add little weight to that communication I wish to say that an acceptance from you would be hailed with sincerest satisfaction and pleasure by artists and art workers throughout our country. - A goodly number of [p. 2] whom we have every reason to believe will be in attendance at these meetings, especially if they are assured that those most competent to instruct are to address them.

The large and ever growing body of students and art lovers are beginning to realize that the best tuition can only come from those who are able to do what they profess to teach.

Since that (to me) memorable Summer in Venice when, with the other "Duveneck Boys[3]" I had the good fortune to know you and see you work I have followed your artistic triumphs, and rejoiced that the prophet has arisen who can also cope with the Philistine on his own ground and with his own weapon - the pen!

Will you not add to your good works by carrying the Gospel into these distant lands?

Very Sincerely Yours.

Oliver Dennell Grover

Chairman Painters' Committee


Sept. 18. 1892.

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1.  Oliver Dennell Grover
Oliver Dennett Grover (1861-1927), artist [more].

2.  Mr Walter C. Larned
Walter Cranston Larned (1850-1914), lawyer, author, art editor of the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Record [more]. See his letter of 16 September, #00602.

3.  Duveneck Boys
Frank Duveneck (1848-1919), painter, etcher and art teacher [more]. He was in Venice during the summer of 1880 with a group of students from America.