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System Number: 00431
Date: [8 September 1876][1]
Author: JW
Place: [London]
Recipient: The Builder and Architect[2]
Place: [London]
Repository: Glasgow University Library
Call Number: MS Whistler B207
Document Type: ALd

Sir -

I have read in your paper with much gratification, the article referring with those flattering appreciation of my work[3] in Princes Gate - But crave your permission to make clear one fact - most important in this matter - [None?] The design of the elegant and beautiful lovely framework all over the dining room - which indeed gives it the giving it the is Mr Thomas Jeckyll's[4] the distinguished architect, to whose exquisite sense of beauty and great knowledge we owe the well remembered Norwich Gates[5] - and whose delicate subtelty [sic] of feeling we see in perfection in the fairy like railings of Holland Park[6] - If there be any [p. 2] quality whatever in the my decoration of the dining room at Mr Leylands - it is doubtless due to the inspiration of Mr Jeck of the [caused?] received by the lovely proportions for and graceful lines which Mr Jeckyll has - These

in great measure due to the lovely inspiration caused by proportions & graceful lines of Mr J's work - panels and groinings. These have lent themselves with happy adaptation & suggestive[ness?] to the painters inspiration -

If there be any quality whatever in my decoration it is doubtless due from the beauty of the room with its graceful proportion lovely lines that I have drawn my to the inspiration I may have received from the graceful proportions and lovely lines of Mr Jeckyll['s] work about me -

I have read with much gratification the truly appreciative article in your paper, referring with thorough understanding to my decorativeons work at Princes Gate, But crave your permission to express my regret that the equally important designs of my co-laborer in Mr Le[y]land's dining-room should have been make clear one fact of importance in this matter equal claims overlooked - The design of the elegant & lovely [framework?] is by Mr - etc. in Mr Leylands dining room

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1.  [8 September 1876]
Before 9 September 1876. JW published a similar text to this draft (see Anon., 'Notes and News,' The Academy: A Weekly Review of Literature, Science, and Art, new series, vol. 10, no. 227, 9 September 1876, p. 275; #13692). He wrote to Thomas Jeckyll's brother in Norwich, apparently after 24 February 1877, when articles on the Peacock Room appeared in the papers, that he would put a notice in the Builder and Architect. See JW to Jeckyll, #02407.

2.  The Builder and Architect
Journal of the architectural and building trades.

3.  my work
Whistler's decorative scheme for Frederick Richards Leyland (1832-1892), ship-owner and art collector [more] at 49, Prince's Gate.

4.  Mr Thomas Jeckyll's
Thomas Jeckyll (1827-1881), architectural designer [more].

5.  Norwich gates
The monumental gates designed by Jeckyll for the Barnard, Bishop and Barnards company and first shown at the London International Exhibition, 1862. The following year, they were presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales on the occasion of their marriage.

6.  Holland Park
The Japanese inspired metalwork screen, designed by Jeckyll and erected at Holland Park, London in 1871 in memory of Sir Henry Richard Fox Vassall, Lord Holland.